"Hi! I LOVE it here! There is always someone FUN to play with and cool things to do. I especially like burying my favorite toys for my next stay."
"I'm very sensitive - but sweet. I love receiving specialized care including lots of hugs and kisses. My every need is catered to."

"I like staying here because they understand me.  I like other dogs but too many dogs just overwhelm me.  I like the personal attention I get.  The special treats of chicken or steak are especially nice."

"I'm used to the very best
and The Indigo Dog House provides this."
"I'm older and I really appreciate laying on the couch with one of Suzie Freese's quilts. I enjoy my walks and being able to play in the yards with the other guests. Thanks Mom for
letting me stay here!"
-Sweet Kelly
"Hey, it’s me Buster! I stay here when my Mom goes
on vacation.  This place takes great care of you. I have
J-Dog wrapped around my little paw so I get ... well everything I want! I also like playing with everyone
and hanging with Scout."
"I love being on vacation here. At home I'm part of the family so I love being involved in everything - whether its helping with chores around the house to making dinner. I love hanging out in the kitchen ... you never know when you'll be asked to taste test! Yum!"