Dear Scout,

I hear it is hard to get a reservation at The Indigo Dog House.  Is this true?

Hoping to Get In

Dear Hoping,

Yes and No.  During busy times of the year, holidays, summers, spring breaks, The Indigo Dog House does tend to fill up early.  During those times it’s best to make your reservations as far in advance as possible.  However, during the slower times of the year you can often have your people call last minute and get in.

Dear Scout,

What is The Indigo Dog House like?  I get scared in other kennels-will I be scared at your place?

Shy and Sensitive

Dear Shy,

The Indigo Dog House is a house-you hang in the house with me and other guests.  You get to go outside to play in grass yards and be around J-Dog and Camryn person.  If things get too overwhelming, you can always retreat to your private room.  I think you will find The Indigo Dog House will suit your shy personality perfectly!

Hey Scout!

Do I have to go to the vet and get poked before I come and stay with you?
Hate getting poked.

Dear Hate Getting Poked,

Yeah, you need to have your rabies shot and combination shots (DHLPP).  We recommend bordetella but it is not required.  If you are a senior citizen we will accept whatever shots your veterinarian feels is necessary.

Dear Scout-

I’m an intact male.  Can I come and stay?


Dear Stud,

Sorry.  The Indigo Dog House does NOT accept intact males or females in season.

Dear Scout-

I’m a nice dog but I look scary.  My people have told me I have some pit bull in me.  Is this bad?  Can I still come and stay?


Dear Humbully,

As long as you get along with other guests you can be an Indigodog!!!  Everyone has to play nice and get along with each other.  Any guest that can’t play nice with others is not allowed back.

Dear Scout-

I like to play and party into the night!!!  Do I have to go to bed early??  Am I shut in a room after dinner?

Party Animal

Dear Party,

No, no, no.  You can stay up well past dinner time!   We all get to play until my people go to bed around 10:30pm. 

Dear Scout,

I’m used to being part of the family.  Will I be able to do this while on vacation?

Home Body

Dear Home Body,

Yes, you will be able to be around people.  My people work only for us so they are around all the time.  You can help make dinner, do laundry and watch TV with them.  On rainy days they often put a fire in the fireplace and we can sit on the couch with them as they read a book.  My people live in the house with us. 


I like to keep busy.  What if I get bored while on vacation?


Dear Whirlwind,

As your concierge I try to accommodate all our guests’ needs.  If you need activity I make sure my people play ball with you.  Our guests love playing together and many times see old friends while on vacation.  In addition, your people can sign you up for Indigodog Excursions which involves a 2 mile walk in a forest that has awesome smells. (A small fee applies for an excursion). 

Dear Scout,

I’m the opposite from Whirlwind.  I’m older and need several naps though out the day.  I also need a warm place to stay as it gets colder.  Will The Indigo Dog House work for me?

Older but Wiser

Dear Older but Wiser,

Yes the Indigo Dog House will work for you.  We have plenty of room to spread out and take naps.  There are two separate yards for guests to play in so we don’t have to worry about getting run over while other guests are doing other activities.  When it gets cold my people keep the heat on so we stay nice and toasty.

Dear Scout-

I’m a smaller guy but I like hanging with everyone.  Do I have to be separated from other bigger guests?  Will the bigger guests be nice to me?

Small but Fun

Dear Small but Fun,

Yes you get to be a part of the house hold like everyone else.  No one is excluded; all guests get to be in the house with my people.  My people and I make sure everyone is nice to everyone else.  No one gets picked on.  If another guest is being too pushy that guest would be given a “time out”.  By the way you also have to be nice to the big dogs.

Dear Scout,

I have a special diet.  I can’t have some things or I get itchy.  I get pills with my food.  Is this OK?  Do you charge extra to give me pills?


Dear Special,

Special diets are fine.  Pills are fine.  There is no extra charge for giving pills.  If you have special food just bring that when you come. 

Dear Scout,

I want to see the place!  How do I arrange this?


Dear Curious,

We would love to show you around!  Have your people call my people and make an appointment.  Make sure they check your schedule too since you are invited to come and check the place out for yourself.  We look forward to you becoming an Indigodog!