indigodog adventures

indigodog bear
indigodogs neira & scout

A beautiful day at the beach. The waves are just perfect!

Trouble 1, 2 and Scout.

Two beautifulshepherds on the
beautiful California coast.
indigodog neira
indigodog buster
indigodog bear

Perfect gait.

Trouble 3.

Handsome Bear.
indigodog olive
indigodog tricksy

Running with my friends on our Wednesday Indigodog Adventure.

Hey has anyone seen Tricksy?

Here I am, let's go!
indigodog mousse
indigodogs bear & cooper
indigodogs mousse & bear

Mousse here with my pals Bear and Cooper.

Great day for some romping with friends.

The sun is shining . . .
indigodogs cooper & mousse
indigodogs cooper & mousse
indigodogs cooper, mousse & bear

. . . the company is the best . . .

. . . and the water is fine!

Cooper and Bear agree. Today was a blast!
indigodog mollie
indigodog marli

Mollie and her shadow happy
to be at the beach.

Marli and her shadow are happy too!

Olive, Marli and Mollie running
together on the beach . . .
indigodogs olive

. . . then through the waves. . .

. . . then in the dunes.

What a perfect day to be an Indiogdog!
indigodogs dickens, shelby & bear
indigodogs shelby & bear
indigodogs dickens & maggie

Dickens, Shelby and Bear
ready to take on another adventure.

Shelby and Bear love spending
time together at the beach.

Dickens enjoys meeting up with
his new friend Maggie.
indigodogs shelby & bear
indigodogs dickens & shelby

Bear and Shelby spend a lot of time playing with each other.

But just so Dickens doesn't get too jealous,
Shelby gives him a kiss.

Scout calls out to everyone. It's time to head back. Ahh the adventure is over already? Time sure flies when you are having fun.
indigodog neira
indigodog cooper

Neira and friends at Clam Beach . . .

. . . with lots of room to run and have fun!

Cooper, a big fan of the beach,
loves these adventures.
indigodogs bear & cooper
indigodog cooper
indigodogs cooper, neira & bear

Bear and Cooper running together on the beach, until . . .

. . . Cooper finds a great piece of driftwood.
Great pose Cooper!

Yeah, there's nothing like hanging
with friends at the beach!
indigodogs sammy & jake
indigodogs yoyoma, olaf & jake
indigodog olaf

Sammy and Jake are thrilled to be back
at the beach.

They love running with their friends
Yoyoma and Olaf.

Today the wind is blowing so much it's
flapping Olaf's ears.
indigodogs sammy & jake
indigodogs scout & yoyoma
indigodogs jake, yoyoma & sammy

But even though it's a really windy day, it doesn't matter. Everyone is all smiles.

Scout found a great stick. Yoyoma is
catching up to take a look.

No one wants this adventure to end. They are having way too much fun!
indigodog bear, olive & mousse
indigodog buster
indigodog mousse

Bear, Olive and Mousse can't wait to
get back to the ocean.

Buster loves these adventures too,
but he is content to stay on dry land.
He enjoys chewing on the driftwood.

Mousse races in and out of the water
the whole time.
indigodog olive, buster & scout
indigodog bear & olive
indigodog olive

Olive and Scout walk with Buster for
a bit - enjoying the sun, sand and surf.

Then it's back in the water for Olive to
run through the waves with Bear.

These adventures really have
something for everyone. No wonder
everyone is SO happy!
indigodog fritzie
indigodog mousse

A foggy day at the beach, perfect for. . .

. . .strolling along the river looking for
the perfect stick . . .

. . .cooling off in the waves . . .
indigodog neira
indigodog coco
indigodog neira, fritzie & coco

. . .waiting for someone, anyone to throw the piece of wood . . .

. . .smiling with happiness. . .

. . .and enjoying a cookie break with friends.
indigodogs bear, dickens & scout
indigodog buzz
indigodogs bear, mousse & dickens

Buster loves Indigodog Adventures.
He really likes to get together with
his friends.

Bear, Dickens and Scout are quite happy
to be Indigodogs too!

Mousse's favorite thing about these adventures is the ocean. She loves
the water!
indigodog shelby
indigodog neira
indigodog fritzie

Shelby is back at the ocean with
her friends . . .

Neira . . .

Fritzie . . .
indigodogs shelby & neira
indigodog scout
indigodog shelby

and Scout.

Here Shelby and Neira are racing
across the sand.

The Perfect Forumula
Indigodog Beach Adventure +
Friends = Happy Dogs.
indigodogs mousse, marli & mollie
indigodog mousse
indigodogs mollie & marli

Today I am here with Mousse, Mollie,
Bear and Scout. It's great that everyone loves to run because I have LOTS of energy!

Look at Mousse go. She is very fast.

Mollie is really fast too. We love to race back and forth through the waves.
indigodog marli
indigodogs mollie, bear & marli
indigodog marli

Of course we get a bit wet, but nothing a
full body shake can't solve.

We are so happy to be at the beach,
sometimes our paws do not even touch
the ground.

Yeah, life is sweet!
indigodogs olaf & katie
indigodogs katie, olaf & maggie

Olaf and I on an Indigodog Adventure
on this very blustery day.

The wind is whipping all around us,
flapping our ears and tails!

Mostly we had the whole beach to
ourselves, but did run into Maggie,
a very nice dog who is a frequent
beach goer too!
indigodog yoyoma
indigodog katie

Such good scents for us to explore today.

All the driftwood on the beach smells great.

We gathered during the adventure to finalize our plans for Olaf's Big Birthday
Bash at The Indigo Dog House tomorrow. (check out the Bed & Biscuit gallery
photos of the Olaf's Valentine's
Day/Birthday Party!)
indigodogs mousse & scout
indigodogs mousse & bear
indigodog fritzie

On today's adventure, Mousse decided
to do some swimming. Scout checked up
on her to make sure she was ok.

Oh yeah, she was fine! Here she is
romping with Bear.

Fritzie was more sedate and
enjoyed just wading.
indigodog bullet
indigodog neira
indigodog buster

Bullet's first Indigodog Adventure!

Neira joined him . . .

with Buster.
indigodog neira
indigodog bullet
indigodog neira

Neira showed Bullet all the cool driftwood
logs with good scents.

Bullet thought this scent was
especially good!

Neira was happy to have Bullet along
on her adventure.

indigodog jabu
indigodogs jabu & bear
indigodog dickens

Hee, I'm a lucky dog. I got to go on an Indigodog Adventure.

Here Bear and I are playing in the waves.

Dickens came along too!
indigodog bear
indigodog dickens
indigodogs jabu & dickens

Bear and I agree, it's actually HOT
out today!

We all decided to cool off in the river.

Gosh, what a great day!

indigodog shelby
indigodog shebly & neira
indigodog neira

Shelby is all smiles for her adventure.

She and Scout enjoy playing in the water.

Neira enjoys racing along the beach.
indigodog fritzie
indigodog shelby & scout
indigodogs shelby & scout

Fritzie is also enjoying this beautiful day.

It's amazing on such a nice day that there's hardly anyone here at the beach.

Silhouettes of two happy Indigodogs.

indigodog olive
indigodogs mollie & marli
indigodogs olive, mollie & marli

It's perfect day to do a little swimmin'


and kissing.
indigodogs olive & scout
indigodogs mollie & olive
indigodogs olive, marli & mollie

It's also a perfect day to hang with friends,

play follow the leader,

and run full out. What a great day!

indigodog mousse
indigodog bear
indigodog fritzie

Indigodog buddies Mousse . . .

. . . Bear . . .

. . . & Fritzie enjoying an adventure.
indigodogs bear & mousse
indigodog mousse
indigodogs mousse, bear & scout

Bear and Mousse can't get
enough of the water.

The waves are excellent today!

And, with the entire beach we have
plenty of room to run!

indigodog coco
indigodogs coco & jabu
indigodogs neira, olive & jabu

Coco here and I'm happy to report
that it's beach day!

Today is the Poodle & Shepherd Indigodog Adventure. Jabu and I are here with . . .

Neira, Olive & Scout.
indigodogs neira, olive & coco
indigodog jabu

We are having so much fun romping
through the water.

Jabu is soaked but loving every minute
of this adventure.

Actually, we all got pretty wet today, not that we are complaining. It doesn't get much better than this! We love being Indigodogs.

indigodogs jake & sammy
indigodog yoyoma
indigodog olaf

Yahoo! It stopped raining long
enough for us to go to the beach.

We just cannot get enough RUNNING
after so many days suffering with cabin fever.

The ocean, the river and the
dunes - all for us on this beautiful day.
indigodog olaf
indigodogs sammy & jake

Even the water is perfect.
Come on in and join us Olaf.

Olaf would rather stay on shore
but is definitely enjoying an opportunity
to get some activity after days of
being cooped up.

When it's time to head back, we can't
believe the adventure is over already.
Time sure flies when you are having fun.

indigodog bear
indigodogs bear, dickens, milo & scout
indigodogs bear & dickens

Yet another great day to be at the beach.

The water is fabulous and check out the blue sky! We sure are lucky dogs!

Indigodog Adventures ROCK
so far this year.
indigodog fritzie
indigodog olive
indigodog mousse

Ah, the ocean, sand, sun. . .

. . . and good friends. Doesn't get
much better than this!

Mousse is the first one in.
She sure loves the water.

indigodog bear
indigodog fritzie

Bear isn't far behind. There's nothing like surfing the waves.

Olive's checking out the river.

Fritzie's enjoying the water too. Happy, wet dogs everywhere = a successful adventure.

indigodog yoyoma
indigodog neira
indigodog dixie

What a foggy adventure! Not a good
day for pictures, but a great day for a
romp on the beach.

This fog does make for great shadow
pictures. Check out Neira's shadow in
the sand.

Dixie doesn't mind the fog at all. She just loves getting a chance to stretch her legs.

indigodogs katie & olaf
indigodog blaze

Olaf and Katie out for a stroll on the beach.

Olive and Scout enjoying a romp
through the waves.

Blaze taking a break on a piece of driftwood.

indigodog olaf
indigodog blaze
indigodog katie

Olive posing for a photo.

Blaze, Olaf and Scout ready for
the cookie break. They found a perfect
place to take a rest.

Katie looking fine.

indigodog shelby
indigodog fritzie
indigodog neira

What a great day to hang out
at the beach with friends!

Look how happy Fritzie is!

Neira loves the beach too!

indigodog olive
indigodogs shelby & fritzie
indigodogs olive & neira

Here Olive is chasing little bits of fluff.
She loves doing this.

Fritzie and I really enjoy these outings.

It's really fun going on these adventures with Shepherds. They are such characters.

indigodog scout
indigodog shelby

Here's Scout and, of course,
she has a stick in her month.

Here's one of all of us exploring a log washed ashore. What fabulous scents!

Here I am posing by the river.
What a fine day to be an Indigodog.

indigodog mollie
indigodog olive
indigodogs mollie & marli

It's me Mollie. I sure love Indigodog Adventure days.

Today I am here with my BFF Olive.

And, of course, our good friend
Marli is here too!


The three of us have SO much fun together.

We run and run and run!

We could run forever, but Scout says
it's time to head back. What a great
day! We can't wait for our next adventure!

indigodogs dickens & milo
indigodogs dickens
indigodogs dickens & scout

It's a bit gray today, but no complaints
from these Indigodogs.

Dickens loves going to the beach
no matter what the weather is like.

Here Dickens and Scout take a
moment to pose for the camera.

indigodog bear
indigodogs bear, dickens & scout
indigodogs milo

Bear licks is lip after enjoying a treat.
He really likes cookie time.

On the way back, there is a blue sky
and an even a bit of sun.
Not bad for January.

Milo sure is one happy dog. A walk on the
beach with his friends. What a great way to
start the New Year!