indigodog adventures

indigodogs dickens & scout
indigodog simon
indigodog fritzie
Scout & Dickens playing in the waves.

What a nice day to be at the beach.
(I hear it's snowing in Wisconsin).

I love these adventures!
indigodog simon
indigodogs fritzie & j-dog
indigodog dickens

I think it's time for . . . COOKIES!

... and HUGS from J-Dog.
I think it's time for BIRD CHASING!
indigodogs blaze & louie
Hey Louie, you're going the wrong way!

The birds are this way!

Two dogs, eight paws, one on the ground.
indigodogs bear & blaze
indigodog blaze
indigodogs blaze & scout

Bear, I think there are more birds over here.
Follow me.

I'm having a blast!
Come on Scout, join the fun!
indigodogs katie & olaf
indigodog katie
indigodog simon
Digging is a Terrier thing.

I think I'll explore over here.

Dancing in the waves.
indigodogs katie & scout
indigodog simon
indigodog olaf
I think it's time for those cookies now.
I'm always ready for cookies! But
where's Olaf?
Still digging. . .
indigodogs shelby & timmy
indigodog shelby
indigodogs buster & shelby
We're off on another Indigodog Adventure.
I love hiking the trails. . .
. . . and exploring the woods.
indigodog buster
indigodogs buster & shelby
indigodog timmy
Buster with his snazzy new coat.
Siblings separated at birth?
Happy to be on the move.
indigodog timmy
indigodog timmy continued
indigodog timmy
Timmy . . .
. . . continued
Ha, ha, you guys are SO funny.
indigodog dory indigodog dory
indigodog dory
German Shepherd Intensity.
Profile shot.
Enjoying the sunlight.
indigodogs indigodogs marli & olaf indigodog simon
A cold crisp day for an adventure.
Olaf & Marli picking up the scents.
Simon exploring off trail.
indigodog scoop indigodog olaf indigodogs
Hey, what's this white stuff?
It's California "snow".
It is fun to play in.
indigodog hope indigodog bear indigodog maggie
I'm on top of the world, or at least this log.
Nah, the water's not THAT cold.
I'll just stay up here on the beach. The water is too cold for me.
indigodog dickens indigodogs hope & maggie indigodogs hope & maggie
I LOVE the beach!
We do too!
Crossing over to Moonstone.
indigodogs hope & dickens indigodog maggie indigodog dickens
Hee hee, Hope is sooooo cute!
I find myself smiling the whole time
I'm at the beach.
Bark, bark, fly away birds.
indigodogs louie & bear indigodogs louie & bear indigodogs louie, bear & bean
We know it's raining, but Bear and I still want to go on our Indigodog Adventure!
We're off!
Posing in front of the waterfall.
indigodog bear indigodog louie & bear indigodog bear
Don't I look like a bear?
Even though it's raining, we still
get cookies, right?
A little rain doesn't bother me,
I still had a great walk.
indigodog crosby indigodogs indigodog nelly
The start of my Indigodog Adventure.
Oh boy!
Good things to sniff . . .
good holes to dig . . .
indigodog crosby indigodog beepie indigodogs
good waves to chase . . .
good friends . . .
An all around perfect adventure.
indigodogs indigodogs beepie & crosby indigodog nelly
Silhouette 1
Silhouette 2
Silhouette 3
indigodog shelby indigodog timmy indigodog scout
Oh boy! We are at the beach!
All this room to run . . .
and birds to chase!
indigodog shelby indigodogs timmy, shelby & scout indigodogs timmy & shelby
If I sneak up on them we can chase them again.
Oh this is fun!
What a perfect adventure.
indigodogs blaze & katie clam beach indigodog olaf
Yeah it's a rainy day, but we have the whole beach to ourselves.
Well, except for the birds.
So what do you think of this hole?
indigodog olaf indigodogs blaze & katie indigodog olaf
Do you think it is deep enough? Maybe I should do more work on it.
Digging is so passe. Is it time for cookies?
Be right there. I think the hole needs a little more depth right here. . .
indigodog dory indigodog maggie indigodog bear
Beautiful Dory.
I flop down and rest when I can.
indigodog hope indigodog bear indigodog dory
This is the life.
Sure is!
Nothing like a walk in the forest.
indigodog mollie indigodogs scout & codie
Whew, it's time for a break.
We agree.
Scoop, quit hogging the water bowl.
indigodog codie indigodog scoop indigodogs mollie & scoop
I am one with nature.
Hey, I'm visualizing a cookie. Can I have another one?
Scoop, the bridge is a metaphor for transition.
Whoa, Mollie, that's deep.
indigodogs codie & mollie indigodog dickens indigodog mollie
It was a cold & rainy day . . .
Who cares! I'm off to bark at the birds!
A little rain doesn't bother me.
indigodogs codie & mollie indigodog fritzie indigodog codie
Besides it's cookie time.
I'm having a WONDERFUL time!
One more romp before we call it a day.
indigodogs bella, buster & louie indigodogs bella & louie indigodog buster
The gang at the beach.
Big grins!
This seashell is interesting. (But I hope
I don't get wet).
indigodog louie indigodogs louie & scout indigodogs buster & louie
Racing the waves.
Racing through the water.
Racing every which way.
indigodogs beepie & crosby indigodog nellie indigodogs beepie & crosby
We're grinning so much our faces hurt.
You can throw this right?
This is the best place for a hike.
indigodogs bear & drifter indigodogs zeke & maggie indigodogs drifter & bear
Bear & Drifter on the trail.
I love this adventure. . .and it doesn't hurt that Maggie thinks I'm handsome.
Come over here Bear, there is an interesting scent.
indigodog zeke indigodogs hope & maggie indigodogs zeke & drifter
What? Did someone say cookies?
Oh yeah! It's cookie time. Yum!
Time to head back to civilization.
indigodog katie indigodog blaze indigodog katie
I'm on the hunt.
I'm working the camera.
I KNOW the cookies are in here somewhere.
indigodog maggie indigodog timmy indigodog shelby
Rest break.
My shadow makes me look taller,
don't ya think?
I am so beautiful.
indigodog marli
indigodog olaf
indigodog scout
Jogging along the coastline.
Reading the educational signs.
Walking the Hammond Trail on a
beautiful day.
indigodogs bear & dory
indigodogs bear, dory & scout
indigodogs bear & dory
Lead on Bear!
Romping in the waves.
Let's go again!
indigodogs louie & hope
indigodog hope
indigodogs louie & hope
Heads or Tails?
Is it time for a cookie break?
Hee - Isn't Louie CUTE?
indigodogs hope & maggie
indigodogs buster, maggie & bear
indigodog buster
Whew! What a long hike! Come on Bear, let's go! I love to dig!
indigodog timmy indigodogs shelby & scout
indigodog shelby
The sea air is so invigorating. Mirror image.
indigodogs codie, mollie & raina indigodogs moliie & raina
indigodogs mollie & raina
Heading down the trail.
Water break.
Two beautiful girls posing for the camera.