indigodog adventures

indigodogs codie & scout

Picture this…you are sitting at home bored, bored, bored. Suddenly you hear a car pull up and it’s for you! 

It’s The Indigodog House ready to take you away on your
Indigodog Adventure! 

After a short car ride you find yourself chasing waves on the beach, or enjoying a stroll through the woods or maybe sniffing the many scents along a trail that hugs the coast. After a long walk (one & one half to two hours human time) and a cookie or two courtesy of The Indigo Dog House, you’re taken home mellow, relaxed and pleasantly tired.

hammon trail view
indigodog scout indigodogs puddin'head & scout
indigodog scout indigodog louie indigodog bean
indigodogs olaf & scout indigodogs olaf & scout
indigodogs puddin'head & bean indigodog scout
hammond trail tree indigodog scout