In 2005, Jamara, Camryn & Scout opened The Indigo Dog House wanting to provide high quality accommodations for vacationing dogs. In 2007, they expanded by adding Indigodog Walking.  Jamara provides this walking service to many Indigodogs.  In 2009, they further expanded with Indigodog Adventures providing day excursions for Indigodogs. 

j-dog & indigodogs scout, timmy & shelby

Jamara started working with German Shepherds
at Steffen-Haus Kennels.  She then worked at a high-end boarding facility, Camp K9, in Madison, Wisconsin.  Jamara volunteers at a local dog obedience class, but the dogs quickly learn that she is a soft touch.  We suspect Jamara is part dog, which explains how she is able to communicate so well with them.  As part of the service we provide, Jamara takes dog dictation (see Indigodog Blogs).  It is likely she knows more dogs than people. 

Camryn was sucked into the dog world many years ago when Jamara called to say she was bringing home Leika, their first German Shepherd.  In fact, Leika joined their household that very evening since she was in the car when the call was made.  Later Jamara brought home Asha and O'Leika (Leika's granddaughter).  Currently they live with Scout, who is Camryn's dog, especially when Jamara thinks Scout is bad.  Camryn has worked with Scout in obedience and agility. 

camryn & scout
indigodog scout

Scout has been the concierge at The Indigo Dog House since it opened in 2005.  She was adopted by Jamara and Camryn in January of 2004.  She
has enjoyed training both Jamara and Camryn in obedience and agility.  In 2008, Scout received
her CGC title justifying Terri Lockett’s faith in her.  Scout takes her concierge duties quite seriously.  She enthusiastically greets guests, shows new arrivals around and welcomes back our regulars.  Scout also is in charge of security and lets everyone know when our neighbors come home.