• Each spacious room comes with comfortable beds complete with a snuggly fleece top. A full size pillow is provided. Complimentary dog treats, stylish water bowls, soothing music.
  • Put your paws up and relax in the Indigodog lounge. Enjoy a movie; watch your favorite TV show or just hang out with the gang.
  • Roam the spacious completely fenced grounds,
    play a game of fetch or explore the many scents.
  • Spend the day snuggled in your private room or bask in the
    outdoors on a sunny deck.
  • Supervise the making of your meals in the kitchen or
    order room service.
  • End the day with turndown service complete with a biscuit
    complements of The Indigo Dog House.
  • Do you enjoy the nightlife? At The Indigo Dog House you'll be able to play with other guests late into the evening.
  • Share your vacation photos with your family and friends on Facebook.
  • Get that personal attention you so deserve including belly rubs, back scratches and kisses.