indigodog gallery


indigodog tricksy
indigodogs rascal & rusty

Hurry up everybody!
Look what Santa Paws brought us!

Wow! The stockings are full too!

OK, we all here, let's open the presents!

indigodogs dart & rusty
indigodogs nui & skibble
indigodog doc

Yeah, hurry up pass them out! We've both been SO good this year!

Well Nui's ready. She even dressed for the occasion. Great bow Nui!

I'll pass out the presents. I've been here before on the holiday so I know how this works.

indigodog rusty
indigodog nui
indigodog skibble

This one's for you Rusty.

Start ripping Nui. There are lots of
presents to open!

Oh Skibble you are being so patient and good.

indigodog doc
indigodog banjo
indigodog tricksy

Wow, this one's for me!!

Your turn Banjo. What is it?
This is so exciting!

Open your's Tricksy, open yours!

indigodogs kona & rusty
indigodogs tricksy & vanessa
indigodog rascal

Wow Kona you are really good at
unwrapping those presents!

There is still more unwrapping to be done. Give me a helping paw Tricksy!

Hee, hee, this one SQUEAKS!!!

indigodog vanessa
indigodogs rusty & vanessa
indigodogs rusty & vanessa

Oh wow, a wubba. This is what I
asked Santa Paws for!

Come on Rusty, let's tear up all the wrapping paper. It'll be SO much FUN!

Whew! That was great. The Indigo Dog House throws a fabulous holiday party.

indigodogs rusty & skibble
indigodogs dart & rusty
indigodogs rascal & vanessa

Now that presents are all opened,
let's hit the yards for some playing.

After all those special Christmas
treats, we have energy to burn!

Yeah, let's do some digging!

indigodog vanessa
indigodogs rascal & vanessa
indigodog vanessa

That was so much FUN! And now that I have my presents, I can be as bad as I want! Ha Ha!

I guess there still are a few
consequences. We had to have a BATH!

(Sigh) Christmas is over and I already have to start being good for NEXT year!

indigodogs d'artagnon, kona & scout
indigodogs rascal & vanessa

It's Christmas Eve. Everyone let's
go play in the yard.

We all can't wait for tomorrow! Santa Paws is sure to bring us lots of stuff because we've been GOOD!

Hee, hee, Vanessa come over here
and help me dig!

indigodogs rusty, rascal & doc
indigodogs d'artagnon, nui & tricksy
indigodog banjo

Oh, oh . . . they shouldn't be doing that!

I hope Santa Paws knows I've
been a very good boy!

Well, I'm home free. I am ALWAYS good!

indigodog skibble
indigodogs vaness & rascal
indigodog doc

I'm so good you can practically
see the halo over my head!

What do you think Rascal? Do you think we'll get COAL? Nah, we're too cute!

Hey Doc what about you? Oh, Doc is already sleeping, dreaming of Christmas day.

indigodog rusty
indigodog banjo
indigodog banjo, cookie & rusty

This is my first time staying at
The Indigo Dog House.

I'm here with my sister Banjo.
We both really love being Indigodogs.

We've made so many new friends here.
Look at us playing with Cookie.

indigodog cookie
indigodog cookie & rusty
indigodogs d'artagnon, trudy & olive

Cookie is my new BFF.

We have SO much fun running
through the yards.

We also are playing with D'Artagnon,
Trudy and Olive.

indigodog trudy
indigodogs trudy & scout
indigodog rusty

I learned from Scout that German Shepherds LOVE to play ball. Trudy is no expection. Here she is with two balls.

In this photo, she is with Scout. As always, Scout has a ball in her mouth.

I decided that I would give this
ball playing a try. Hey! It's lots of fun! Thanks for the tip Shepherds.

indigodog shadow
indigodogs buster & trudy
indigodogs shadow & scout

WOW! Today I got to go on an
Indigodog Excursion.

My new friends Trudy and
Buster got to come too! This is
Trudy's 1st time so we all told her to
expect to have great fun!

Of course, Scout is with us too. I did a great sit stay so I got my picture taken with Scout.

indigodog trudy
indigodogs buster & shadow

Trudy didn't want to sit stay, instead she wanted to have a stick just like Scout. That's quite a stick Trudy. I thing even Scout was impressed.

Here's one of Buster and I. Buster really got into the holiday spirit with his new sweater. Not every dog can pull off that look,
but Buster sure can. Looking good dude!

Trudy decided everything we told her about these excursions was right on. We all had a blast!

indigodog cooper
indigodogs olive & scout
indigodog moe

Lucky Cooper here. I get to go on an Indigodog Excursion today!

My friends Olive and Scout joined in the fun.

Here's a picture of my new friend Moe. We had the best time at the forest. We love being Indigodogs!

indigodog abbie
indigodog rosco & stella
indigodog moe

What a great day to be outside playing ball!

Rosco and Stella are up for the challenge!

Moe is ALWAYS ready to play ball.

indigodog abbie
indigodogs rosco & rudy
indigodog rita

Yea! Abbie got one!

Rudy and Stella are discussing the finer points of ball playing.

Rita thinks it's all silliness and is
off to explore the yard.

indigodogs rudy & stella
indigodog rosco
indigodogs abbie, moe & stella

Stella shows Rudy her technique.

Rosco caught his FAVORITE ball!

Moe and Abbie agree this has been great fun!

indigodog moe
indigodogs bear & moe

Moe is happy he signed up for
an Indigodog Excursion.

Here he is at The Headwater Forest
Reserve with his friend Bear.

Moe, Bear and Scout all enjoyed a
chance to get out and stretch their legs.

indigodogs moe & scout
indigodog tugger

Before we have our turkey dinner,
it's time for some playing in the yard.

Good idea!

Let's all chase some tennis balls.

indigodog cara
indigodogs bella & moe

Well. Isn't it time to eat?!?

Oh yeah! It's turkey time!

Everyone gather around for the hors'doeuvres.

indigodog crosby
indigodogs jabu & tugger
indigodog jabu

I just LOVE Thankgiving here.

I'd like a second helping please.

Oh no! It looks like rain. Let's move
this party inside.

indigodogs beepie, bella & moe
indigodogs bella & lola
indigodogs cara & beepie

Oh YUM! This looks SO good!

Watch out Lola. I'll have a serving of THAT!

The pumpkin pie completes the
meal. What a great day!

indigodogs cody & kaya
indigodogs cooper & bella

Kaya and Cody decide it is too nice to stay inside. Everyone to the yard!

You don't have to tell Cooper
and Bella twice!

Everyone is having fun romping
through the yard.

indigodogs puppers
indigodogs cody & killer
indigodog brio

Well, Puppers isn't exactly romping,
but loves being part of the gang.

Cody and Killer are getting into the action.

Brio loves running really really fast.

indigodogs bella & rusty
indigodog killer

Coco's playing with Cooper and Brio.

Rusty, with Bella in the background, poses for a quick photo.

Killer is glad Kaya and Cody
suggested outside fun! What a great day.

indigodog jack
indigodogs jack, olive & scout
indigodog olive

Today's my lucky day.
I'm on an Indigodog Excursion!

I'm here with my friends Olive and Scout

Olive likes to stand on the table.
She is really quite silly!

indigodogs cooper & jack
indigodogs rascal & vanessa
indigodogs gracie & toby

It's a rainy day, but between raindrops Cooper and Jack hit the yard for some playing.

Vanessa and Rascal think that
this is a great idea!

Gracie and Toby are onboard with the plan.

indigodog toby
indigodog puppers
indigodogs jack & toby

Toby has lots of energy to
expend in the grass yards!

Even Puppers decided to take a
walk around the yard.

When you are on vacation, you just make the most of rainy days.

indigodog jack
indigodogs jack & shadow
indigodog shadow

Jack is excited to be on his
Indigodog Excursion.

He is with his buddy, Shadow.

Shadow thought this excursion
was just the bestest!

indigodogs cinco & ruben
indigodog ruben
indigodog ziggy

Cinco and her buddy Olive playing some ball.

Ruben likes to play ball too!
Throw one for me!

Ziggy loves lounging under the apple tree.

indigodog ollie
indigodog nova
indigodog ollie

Ollie tries playing hide and seek with his brother Nova . . .

. . . Nova says, Okay, I'm ready Ollie!

Oh boy Ollie thinks, even though Nova is big, he really could have found a better spot than in the middle of the yard. Ollie suspects he is just too lazy to play.
indigodog ruben
indigodogs olilve & ruben
indigodog olive

Ruben is not only on vacation, but got to go on Indigodog Excursions!

Here he is with his friend Olive.

Both Olive and Ruben had a blast! They agree that Indigodog Excursions are really a nice extra on a vacation.
indigodogs zacara & zinobie
indigodogs nova & ruben

Good thing The Indigo Dog House has such
a BIG yard since we - Nova, Zinobie & Zacara - are SO BIG!

They call us GREAT danes for a
reason you know.

Ruben is tiny compared to us, but he really likes running with the BIGGEST Indigodogs!
indigodogs teenie & max
indigodog teenie & max
indigodog marli

Are we cute or what?

Exploring the yard.

Basking in the sun.
indigodog lila & neira
indigodogs bella & cooper
indigodogs bella, cooper & lila

Lila and Neira stretching their legs.

BFF's Bella & Cooper!

Cooper with his new friends Lila & Bella!
indigodogs cricket & fritzie
indigodog cody
indigodogs cooper & scout

Fritzie and Cricket in a foot race.

Handsome Cody.

Cooper and Scout patrolling the yard.
indigodogs cooper & toby
indigodogs cooper, marli & toby
indigodogs fritzie & marli

Toby and Cooper running cheek to cheek.

Happy Indigodogs!

Wow! A decent picture of two BLACK dogs!
indigodog mollie
indigodog buster
indigodogs rascal & vanessa

Hi, I'm Mollie. This is my first time at The Indigo Dog House and there is so MUCH to do!

Like meeting my soul mate Buster.
(Isn't he handsome?)

Watching Vanessa and Rascal dig holes in the yard. (They aren't suppose to do that.)
indigodog napoleon
indigodogs napoleon, olive & rascal
indigodog napoleon

Getting a pool invite from Napoleon.

Hanging with my friends by the pool.

Being entertained by Napoleon's water show.
indigodog olive
indigodog rascal
indigodog mollie

Trying to convince Olive that the pool
in NOT scary. (No luck with this.)

Enjoying the beautiful afternoon pool
side with Rascal.

Finally, hunting for apples. This vacation is great and there's still so much fun to be had.
indigodogs kay, gemma & tweed
indigodogs buster, kay & gemma

My name's Kay and this is my first vacation and first time at The Indigo Dog House.

These are all my new friends.

This is Gemma. She is the coolest
dog I have EVER met!!!
indigodogs buster, fritzie & kay
indigodog kay
indigodogs kay & gemma

This is my worldly friend
Fritzie. She is very nice.

There are all kinds of fun things to do on my vacation . . . like play hide and seek in the bushes.

I'm off to play. I want to make
the most of this vacation.
indigodogs olive & scout
indigodog tweed
indigodog blaze

A week before the party, Scout and Olive
went and ordered the cake from All Dog
Biscuit Bakery.

The day of the party has finally arrived!

First, everyone played some party
games. Blaze is showing everyone his
agility jumping skills.
indigodog olive
indigodog ruben
indigodog mousse

Olive thought she'd give it a try. Not
bad for her first time.

Ruben thought is was much more
fun to run around the jump.

Mousse really enjoys the tunnels.
indigodogs cooper & mousse

With Mousse's help, Cooper checked the tunnel out.

Cooper thinks tunnels are FUN!!!

Now it's time for the "Sit/Stay"
competition. Oh Buster already lost.
indigodog codie
indigodog mollie
indigodog tweed

And the winner is . . . Codie!

Mollie is unsure of how "Bob for
Hotdogs" is played.

Tweed is showing her how it's done.
indigodog mousse
indigodog ruben
indigodogs mollie & olive

Mousse is a natural.

Ruben thought the hot dog favored
water was delicious.

As Olive looks on, Mollie grabs
her first hot dog.
indigodog cooper
indigodogs cooper & olive
indigodogs mousse & olive

Cooper had no problem sticking his
head in the water for the hot dogs.

There was NO WAY Olive was going to
put her head under water, even for hot dogs.

Birthday girls, Olive (age 2) & Mousse (age 6).
indigodog b-day party
indigodogs marli, mousse & olive
indigodogs mousse, olive, mollie & scout

Party table.

Olive thinks everything looks so
nice. And the party favors look s0 tasty.

Cake time!
indigodogs marli & mollie
indigodogs olive & ruben
indigodog buster

Mollie wants to know if Marli wants
ALL her ice cream.

Present time!

Buster loves present time!
indigodog mousse
indigodogs buster & olive
indigodogs buster & neira

Mousse unwrapping her present.

Olive's present has LOTS of squeakys!

Buster and Neira thought the
"Happy Birthday" tennis balls were
by far the best gifts.
indigodogs cooper, mousse & tweed
indigodog mousse
indigodogs marli & olive

Tweed, Cooper and Mousse playing with Mousse's present.

What a great party! Somebody is starting to get tired.

Marli and Olive crashing on the couch, dreaming of birthday cake.
indigodog cinco
indigodog codie

Cinco is ready for some FUN!

Let's all play some BALL!

Codie's decided to explore over here. Ball playing is way to strenuous.
indigodogs coco & mollie
indigodog marli

Coco's up for it!

Everyone's running so fast,
they're just a blur!

Marli could use a little breather!
indigodog stormee
indigodog mollie
indigodogs cinco & stormee

Stormee is catching some shade.

Even Mollie needs to take a short
rest before round 2.

Cinco says "What are you doing? Enough pictures! Let's play some more ."
indigodogs cooper & scout
indigodogs cookie & scout

Cooper is thankful that Scout
invited him over to play.

It's a great day to play ball. Ok does everyone know their positions?

Cookie and Scout go long!
indigodog teddy
indigodogs cookie & mollie

Teddy says there is NO WAY he is going to run around in the hot sun after a ball.

Whew, it does feel good to take
a break in the shade.

Cookie and Mollie could play ball until dark!
indigodog emma
indigodogs cody, cooper & scout

Emma has figured out that The Indigo Dog House is REALLY fun!

Cody, Cooper & Scout are in the middle of a game of tag.

I decided to join the fun.
indigodog porcini
indigodogs cooper, emma & mollie

Porcini is taking a breather between games .

Cody and Cooper cheat. When they stand next to each other they look like one dog.

Wow, Mollie's joining our game of tag. We can do this for hours.
indigodogs kaya & stormee
indigodog doc
indigodogs kaya & elmer

A nice cool weekend to play in the yard.

Doc, is as always, happy with his tennis ball.

Kaya sharing a joke with Elmer.
indigodog paddington
indigodog marli
indigodog marli

Paddington thinks that joke was very funny.

Marli has had a great day playing ball.

Marli feels that Camryn's hand made quilt matches her perfectly.
indigodog rascal
indigodog vanessa
indigodog vanessa

Waiting for movie night.

Oh boy! It's a Disney movie!

Oooh it's Beverly Hills Chihuahua,
my favorite!
indigodogs jake & vanessa
indigodogs kaya, mollie & scout

A fun weekend playing with new friends.

Playing a little tennis ball.

Waiting for the next throw.
indigodog mollie
indigodog sammy
indigodog rascal

Wow, it sure is hot out!

Yeah, you said it Mollie.

Oh yeah, it's pool time!

indigodogs rascal & sammy
indigodogs rascal & vanessa
indigodog nui

Come on in Sammy, the water's great!

You too Vanessa, there's room for all of us.

I think I just stay in the shade.
indigodog kaya
indigodogs rascal & vanessa

Kaya agrees. The shade feels nice.

Boy, that was fun. What next?

Let's move the fun indoors and see how fast we can take the suffing out of this toy.

indigodogs kaya, koko & maya
indigodogs aja, maya & scout

It's my birthday and I'm relaxing in
the yard with my friends.

We all decided to play together
before the barbeque.

Aja, Maya & Scout are starting to get hungry.
indigodog chicken & steak
indigodogs buster & koko

Yum! The food on the grill looks so good.

Boy that smells so good. I can't wait!

Afterwards we all sat in the shade and let our dinner digest. What a great birthday!

indigodog willy
indigodog doogie
indigodogs mousse & scout

What a beautiful weekend to spend outside.

The sun feels so nice on my belly.

I'm ready to play some tennis ball.
indigodog jabu
indigodog nui
indigodog koko

Oh yeah, that sounds like fun.

I think I'll just lay here in the sun.

I'm off to explore the yards

indigodog duchamp
indigodogs duchamp & selavy
indigodogs selavy & scout

On such a hot sunny day, a walk in a
cool creek is just the ticket.

It's fun to explore together.

These excursions rock!
indigodogs cooper, duchamp & selavy
indigodogs cooper & duchamp
indigodog duchamp

Hi Cooper, glad you're here to play. You'll find that poodles are lots of fun.

Hee, poodles are fun!

Ok, let's play some ball.

indigodogs teddy & willy
indigodog willy
indigodogs teddy & willy

Willy you go deep. We'll double team everybody.

Nice catch Willy!

Hey Willy, let's sing our song. . . "Bad boys, bad boys. Whatcha gonna do when they come for you . . ."
indigodogs bear & scout
indigodog doc
indigodogs cooper & duchamp

Scout and I are ready for some
more ball playing.

Doc is happy to observe the
shenanigans from the shade.

Cooper & Duchamp doing some two steppin'.

indigodogs duchamp & selavy
indigodog willy

Some more ball playing is always fun.

Picture time! Three poodles, a Cooper
& a Teddy . . .

. . . and Willy who thinks picture
taking is for sissies.

indigodog jabu
indigodogs duchamp & selavy
indigodogs duchamp, jabu & selavy

I get to go on an Indigodog Excursion with my buddies . . .

Duchamp & Selavy.

The three of us really caused heads to turn. Poodles RULE!

indigodog olaf
indigodogs olaf, olive & scout
indigodog olaf

I'm on my Indigodog Excursion. I do believe there is a new educational sign that we all should peruse.

Wow Olaf, you're right. What does it say?

Hmmm. . .Yes, it's explaining how the
loggers used sand on the tracks for traction while they were transporting their logs.
Very interesting.

indigodog killer
indigodog olive
indigodog killer

Yeah, interesting . . . let's keep
going on our walk.

Oh yea, this is the life!

This excursion ROCKED!

indigodogs cody & max
indigodog cooper
indigodogs bosley, cody, cooper & shadow

Max and Cody playing some ball.

Cooper decided to visit.

After all, it WAS a Golden Retriever
convention at The Indigo Dog House.

indigodog cricket
indigodogs bosley & shadow
indigodogs bear & cricket

Cricket on her second Indigodog Excursion.

Bosley & Shadow decided to come along also.

Bear and Cricket become friends on this excursion.

indigodogs bosley & shadow
indigodog shadow
indigodog bosley

Shadow & Bosley near the creek.

Shadow doing some exploring.

Bosley thought this excursion was the best!
indigodogs lilly & scout
indigodog cricket

What a perfect day to play in the yard.

Hey Cricket, where are you? Oh no
Cricket, what are you doing?

Come play chase with us!

indigodogs lola & rubert
indigodog mattie

Hee, me and my brother like to
play tag with everybody!

Yeah, I like destroying toys. Hey
Lola wasn't this yours? My bad.

Here I'll make it up to you. You can
chase me. Catch me if you can!

indigodogs marli & sadie
indigodog lilly
indigodog cricket

Hey does anyone want to play ball?

Oh yeah, I'm up for ball or
tag. Bring it on!

Well I'm exhausted. I think
I'll just catch some rays.
indigodogs cricket & sadie
indigodogs cricket & sadie
indigodog cricket

Cricket & Sadie all set to start
their Indigodog Excursion.

Lots of good things to sniff. . .

and creek beds to explore!
This excursion was great!

indigodog ruby
indigodog rita

Libby catching some sun on
a holiday weekend.

Our new Indigodog Dusty
enjoys the deck also.

Jack loves being outside.

indigodogs bear, jack & toosh
indigodog toosh
indigodog jack

Toosh enjoys exploring the yards.

Jack being silly with all four
legs up in the air.

Big and small dogs enjoy all the amenities at The Indigo Dog House.
indigodog libby
indigodog dusty
indigodog jack

There are always toys to play with . . .

room in the yards to run around . . .

and friends to play tug with!

indigodog toosh
indigodog jack
indigodogs dusty & gracie

Some guest just like to stroll
around the grounds.

The sun was really appreciated
this holiday weekend.

Everyone agrees they had a wonderful time!

indigodog gracie
indigodogs gracie & scout
indigodogs gracie & jack

A group of Indigodogs on their
Indigodog Excurs ion.

This is so cool. I am so happy!

I agree Toosh! These excursions ROCK!

indigodog napoleon
indigodog libby
indigodogs dusty & charli

It's a beautiful day. Let's all go play outside.

I'm so pretty and I know it!

It is so relaxing vacationing at
The Indigo Dog House

indigodog crosby
indigodogs crosby & scout
indigodog beepie

Happy Crosby on an Indigodog Excursion!

Crosby and Scout doing some
off trail exploring.

Beepie enjoys stretching her legs
on these excursions.

indigodog sunny
indigodog millie
indigodog megan

New Indigodog Sunny enjoying some sun.

New Indigodog Millie enjoying her vacation.

New Indigodog Megan thinks this place fits her sensitive side perfectly.

indigodogs bear & jack
indigodogs bear & scout
indigodogs marli & jack

Jack and Megan's brother Bear romping together in the large yard.

Scout and Bear taking a breather.

That's ok, Jack can now play with Marli.

indigodogs annie & matisse
indigodogs maurise & matisse

Annie and her boyfriends.

Maurisse and Matisse enjoying
a break in the shade.

Annie thinks her Indigodog Excursion is the icing on the cake for her vacation.

indigodogs doogie, molly & tricksy
indigodog doogie
indigodog june bug

Friends hanging together.

Sigh. . .It's a burden being so cute!

Hee hee, I know what you mean.
I'm cute as a bug.

indigodog lola bean
indigodog josie
indigodogs josie, lola bean & june bug

Wow, I have had the BEST vacation!

I am so happy to be on this Indigodog Excursion!

Friends walking together .

indigodog moe
indigodog sammy
indigodog jake

My name is Moe. It has been a nice sunny weekend at The Indigo Dog House.

Sammy is here on vacation with me.

Jake, Sammy's brother, felt this vacation was just the thing to help him relax.

indigodog kaya
indigodog simon
indigodog cooper

Kaya has really enjoyed the sunshine.

Simon likes hanging out with everybody.

Cooper has been making a lot of new friends.

indigodogs dusty & wren
indigodog mousse
indigodogs mousse & scout

Wren & Dusty really enjoy their vacation at The Indigo Dog House.

Mousse says, "Enough looking cute for the camera, let's play ball! "

Mousse and Scout playing a little fetch.

indigodogs moe & mousse
indigodog tricksy & cooper
indigodogs kaya & wren

I had a BLAST playing ball with Mousse.

Tricksy and Cooper were off exploring.

Wren and Kaya were keeping an
eye on baby Cooper.

indigodogs cooper, jake & simon
indigodogs moe, mousse & scout
indigodog wren

Cooper LOVES playing with
all his new friends.

Meanwhile, Mousse, Scout and I are still playing ball. (You can throw it at anytime.)

Wren agrees this has been a perfect weekend.

indigodog gemma
indigodog cooper

My name is Gemma. This is my first
vacation at The Indigo Dog House.

These are all my new friends.

Cooper is a new Indigodog too.
Say "Hello" Cooper!

indigodogs cookie, cooper & gemma
indigodog gemma
indigodog gemma

Here we are playing together in the yard.

During my vacation, I went on
an Indigodog Excursion.

It was lots of fun and I had a good time sniffing all the scents.

indigodog cookie
indigodogs cookie & tricksy
indigodogs gemma, gertie & lucy

Once I got back to The Indigo Dog House, Cookie said she was very happy I was back and wanted to play.

She played in the yard with Tricksy.

I played with Gertie & Lucy.

indigodogs cookie & tricksy
indigodogs cookie & gemma
indigodogs cookie & gemma

We all had a lot of fun!

I'm really glad I made such good
friends on my vacation.

Playing is great, but naps are good too!

indigodogs dickens & tricksy
indigodog milo
indigodogs bear & buster

Tricksy & Dickens on
an Indigodog Excursion.

Milo LOVES his excursions.

Bear & Buster finding an
interesting scent together.

indigodog toosh
indigodogs beepie & crosby
indigodog scout

I was lucky enough to go on an
Indigodog Excursion.

Beepie and Crosby went with me.

Scout was also there to make sure we
all had a good time.

indigodog crosby
indigodog olive
indigodogs toosh & scout

Crosby REALLY enjoys running
through any puddles.

Oh yeah, Olive came along on
our excursion too!

I had a great time, but the best
thing was that it didn't rain.

indigodogs daizy & jack
indigodogs daizy & jack
indigodogs daizy & jack

Wow what a perfect day to . . .

Jack thinks it's fun to play in the puddles, but he thinks Daizy is silly to REST in them.

Break time's over. Let's run through the puddles again and again and again . . .

indigodog mollie
indigodog marli

Wow! It's my BIRTHDAY! I think it's a
great day for a party!

All my friends came to help me celebrate!

Marli brought me a gift. (She is so sweet!)

indigodogs mollie, olive & porcini
indigodogs mollie, marli, olive & buster
indigodogs mollie & olive

We played games - like bob for treats.

We played the sit/stay game.

Olive is helping me find all the treats
in the hidden treat game.

indigodog olive
indigodog mollie's birthday cake
indigodog olive

Olive is wondering when it is time for cake.

My birthday table looks so pretty.

It's time to cut the cake. Olive is that your tongue on my cake?

indigodog mollie
indigodog cricket
indigodog codie

Everyone is singing
"Happy Birthday" to me.

Cricket thinks this cake is yummy.

Codie, my sister, wonders if she
can have another piece.

indigodog buddy

Porcini and Olive enjoying their slice.

Oh boy! It's time to open presents!

Buddy is giving a helping paw.

indigodog buster
indigodog neira
indigodogs olive & cricket

Buster thinks this is the coolest toy.

Neira is having the best time!

Olive and Cricket are playing with my Birthday present.

indigodog cricket
indigodogs bear & porcini
indigodog mollie & friends

Cricket has decided that Birthday
Parties are the BEST!

Bear and Porcini doing a couple laps in the yard to work off the cake.

I had the best birthday EVER!

indigodog max
indigodog annie
indigodog moe

Max exploring the yards during his first stay at The Indigo Dog House.

Annie looking cute.

Moe enjoys playing in the yard.

indigodog max
indigodogs annie & moe
indigodogs moe & scout

Max likes hanging out in the yard and
playing with all the toys.

Sometimes relationships develop -
Annie with her boyfriend Moe.

All Scout and Moe want to do is play ball.

indigodog olaf
indigodogs cosmo & scout
indigodog ruben

Of course Father signed me up for this Indigodog Excursion.

Cosmo loved getting out and exploring the scents with Scout.

Ruben had fun being part of the gang.

indigodogs daizy & zinobie
indigodog zinobie
indigodog zacara

Lovin' my vacation!

Oh yeah, I love all this room to run.

I love the big yards and playing with
all the toys.

indigodog d'artagnon
indigodogs gallagher & ruben
indigodogs ming & tanner

Enjoying a sunny day with my pals.

This is Gallagher & Ruben. They
love to play with me.

Usually Tanner plays with us too,
but today he's all about impressing
his new girlfriend Ming.

indigodog willy
indigodogs d'artagnon & scout
indigodog d'artagnon

Willy on his Indigodog Excursion.

Scout & Dart doing a perfect sit/stay for a treat.

Dart thinks these Indigodog Excursions are AWESOME!

indigodog nutmeg
indigodog coco
indigodogs d'Artagnon & Olive

My name is Nutmeg. This is my first vacation at The Indigo Dog House.

Coco has been an Indigodog for many years.

Daizy and Dart are my buddies.
We all love playing together.

indigodog willy
indigodogs willy & teddy

Oh no! Willy is digging. I don't think he is suppose to do that.

At first I thought I was seeing double, but it's just Willy and Teddy.

I'm glad I've made a bunch of new friends while staying at The Indigo Dog House.

indigodog xaluna
indigodogs olive & xaluna
indigodog coco

Oh wow! I am on an Indigodog Excursion!

Here I am with my buddy Olive.

And another Indigodog Coco. We are
all such lucky dogs!

indigodog coco
indigodog d'artagnon

Anyone up for some tag?

Me, me, me!

A blur of Indigodogs!