indigodog gallery


indigodog beepie
indigodog josie

Wow! A rare moment when it's not raining. Let's hit the yards!

The elusive and hard to photograph Beepie.

Josie enjoying some ball playing with Mollie.

indigodog kelly
indigodogs mollie & scout
indigodog crosby

Sweet Kelly just being sweet.

Scout and Mollie playing
between rain showers.

Crosby investigating the hail.
(aka California Snow!)

indigodog nui
indigodog olaf

Everyone gather around for story time. "Twas the night before Christmas . . . "

I can't WAIT until Santa Paws comes!!
I have been so good this year!

Hey everybody "A Charlie Brown Christmas" is ready to start..

indigodog olaf
indigodog josie
indigodog crosby

Yeah, it's finally Christmas day! And Schnauzer Claus came!

Get up Josie, it's Christmas morning!

Wow! Look at all the presents
Santa Paws brought.

indigodog olaf
indigodog kelly
indigodog mollie

Here I' ll lend a paw and hand out the gifts.

Kelly, this one's for you.

Hey where's mine?

indigodog nui
indigodogs josie & olaf
indigodog lola bean

I LOVE Christmas at The Indigo Dog House!

You're right Nui, this is pretty cool.

This is the coolest toy!

indigodog doc
indigodogs codie & mollie
indigodogs beepie & crosby

What did you get Doc? Hurry up and unwrap your present.

Hey Codie, look what we got! Let's
play some tug!

Whew! What a day. This has been the best Christmas!

indigodogs lucy & tanner
indigodog marli
indigodogs lucy & tanner

Another day, another excursion, a new Tanner outfit.

Marli thinks I look very handsome in it.

Sigh, but the only one I want to
impress is my girlfriend Lucy.

indigodog tanner
indigodogs tanner & lucy
indigodog lucy

I look so cool in my camo sweatshirt.
I am a lady magnet.

This is my very good friend Lucy. We are on an Indigodog Excursion.

Lucy looks very fetching in her green fuzzy coat. We both really enjoyed our walk in the forest!

indigodogs maze, paws & scout
indigodog toosh
indigodogs maze & paws

Scout, Maze & Paws discussing ball
fetching techniques.

Toosh is one happy boy. He loves
The Indigo Dog House.

Maze and Paws are happy to be
playing outside.

indigodog kelly
indigodog tricksy
indigodogs kelly, olive & scout

There are so many good things to smell.

Tricksy thinks these Indigodog Excursions ROCK!

I am so happy. This excursion was the perfect end to the perfect vacation.

indigodog olive
indigodog lilly & olive

Happy dogs playing together over the Thanksgiving holiday!

Ms. Olive looking beautiful.

Best friends Olive & Lilly.

indigodog lilly
indigodog lilly
indigodog footsie

Wow as an extra special treat, J-Dog brought out the tunnel.

I'm showing everyone how it's done.

Footsie says she's happy to just leave the tunnel treat to the others.

indigodogs crosby & neira

Oh boy! It's Thanksgiving. We're all waiting for the turkey.

Hey Crosby are you going to eat all that?

J-Dog wanted us all to say what we are thankful for. I, Olive, am thankful for my Mom and Dad and the great life I have.

indigodog olive
indigodog kelly
indigodog molly

Kelly is thankful for her mom, nice days in the sun and good treats.

Molly is thankful for her brother and her snazzy sweater.

Crosby is thankful for his sister, Beepie, his cool people and all the love he gets.

indigodog crosby
indigodog footsie
indigodogs beepie, kelly & scout

Footsie is thankful for her family and that she got into The Indigo Dog House for Thanksgiving.

Beepie is thankful that her life is so wonderful and for the friends she gets to play with at The Indigo Dog House.

Tricksy is thankful that she is so cute and looks good in a pink bow.

indigodog tricksy
indigodog lilly
indigodog joey

Lilly is thankful that she has the worlds best mom and that so many people love her.

Joey is thankful that he can sit on the furniture without getting in trouble and that he has wonderful people who rescued him.

Scout is thankful that she has the world's best dog life, for her people and her big red ball.

indigodog lilly
indigodogs lilly & olive
indigodogs lilly & olive

Oh boy! I am so lucky my mom signed me up for an Indigodog Excursion!

Olive is lucky too! Hey Olive, come over here and smell this divine scent.

I give a big paws up to Indigodog Excursions!

indigodog nova
indigodogs buster & elmer

Wake up Nova! It's time for . . .

a photo shoot! Everyone smile for
the camera.

Alright back to playing. Buster I don't want you to teach Elmer any bad language.

indigodogs annie & vanessa
indigodog nova
indigodogs ollie & scout

Hi, it's me Annie. This is my new
best friend, Vanessa.

I'm also here with Nova. (He is VERY big!)

Ollie and Scout are catching up on gossip.

indigodog nika
indigodogs annie & vanessa
indigodogs annie & vanessa

This is Nika's first time here. She thinks
we are all kind of strange.

Vanessa and I are having a BLAST
playing ball.

Here Vanessa is showing me how to dig.

indigodogs vanessa & rascal
indigodogs annie & raschal
indigodog vanessa

Here Vanessa is telling Camryn to throw the chuck it ball NOW!

Rascal is Vanessa's cousin. She says that Vanessa can be . . .naughty and a bad influence. Oh no!

I find that so hard to believe. She seems like such a nice girl.

indigodog cody
indigodogs gertie & lucy

A lovely weekend at The Indigo Dog House with Blaze. . .

. . . a very happy Cody. . .

and Gertie & Lucy.

indigodogs daizy, lexi & olive
indigodogs kona & jabu
indigodogs jabu, lexi & daizy

Olive, Lexi & Daizy deciding what
game to play next.

Kona showing Jabu how to look for apples.

A little follow the leader.

indigodog alley
indigodogs daizy & scout
indigodogs daizy, lexi & olive

Enjoying the sun and the outdoors.

Daizy checking to see if Scout would let her play with her red ball. The answer was no.

But that's ok because there are lots of other things to do like playing fetch.


Poodles! And a Mollie. And a Beanie.

It's such a beautiful day, let's
go play in the yards.
Way to catch that tennis ball Trip!

indigodog codie

Val's making sure that Mollie is following
the tennis ball catch rules.

Codie thinks everyone else is NUTS.
It's too hot a day to be running
around the yard like an idiot.

Ok a quick rest in the shade and
then it's back to playing!

indigodog tia
indigodogs tia, trip & buster
indigodog tweed

It's the end of September and
summer's finally here.

It was such a nice day we all decided to
play in the yards.
Here's Tweed enjoying a romp
through the yards.

indigodog tweed, codie & buster
indigodog trip
indigodogs buster & mollie

The sun feels sooooo good.

Look at Trip she's flying!

Buster and Mollie like to play in the shade.

indigodog kaya
indigodogs mollie & paddington
indigodog tia

Kaya's happy soaking up the sun .

Paddington and Mollie are taking
a shade break.
In all, a lovely day. I do like vacationing
at The Indigo Dog House.
indigodog scout
indigodog olive's birthday spread
indigodog olive

As concierge, it is my duty to oversee the preparations for Olive's Birthday Party.

Cake - check. Hor'dourves - check. Presents - check. Party favors - check. Ice Cream... Hey where's the ice cream?
Wow, Scout is all this stuff for me? And look the cake even says "Happy Birthday Olive".

indigodogs olive & buster
indigodogs olive, codie & buster

It's cake & ice cream time!!!!!

This peanut butter and molasses dog ice cream is very good!

Hey Buster, Codie and I want to know are you going to eat your ice cream?

indigodogs kona & scout
indigodogs olive & mollie
indigodogs kona & buster

Um. . . . .I'll help clean up. I think there's a little bit of cake left over here. I'll just get that.

Here Olvie, let me help you open your presents.
What a great party! Good food, cool presents and all my friends. It's great to be a BIRTHDAY INDIGODOG!
indigodog abbie
indigodogs olive, scout & moe
indigodog abbie

It's a great afternoon for some ball playing.

Moe and Olive are ready to go.
Ha! I am so good at this!
indigodog bruiser
indigodog kelly
indigodogs abbie & scout

Even Bruiser is trying his paw at it.

Kelly is just content to watch from the shade.

Scout and I love playing this game.

indigodog teddy
indigodog sweet kelly

I got into The Indigo Dog House this weekend with large unmarked bills.

With it being a holiday weekend, we have more time to enjoy playing in the yard.
Kelly aka "Sweet Kelly" loves spending the holidays at The Indigo Dog House.
indigodogs raina & scout
indigodog tanner
indigodog tricksy

Raina prefers to spend her Labor Day vacationing at The Indigo Dog House.

Tanner thinks everyday at The Indigo Dog House is a holiday.

Tricksy agrees.

indigodogs moe & scout
indigodogs moe & tanner

Scout and Moe never get tired of
playing ball.

Tanner and I are planning our strategy.

Tanner's covering Moe.

indigodog tricksy
indigodog moe

Tricksy's gonna get the ball!

Whew! Time for a break.

What a great weekend!

indigodogs olive, raina & scout
indigodog tricksy

Beta test group for Indigodog Excursions (Coming in 2011)

Hey don't forget about me. I'm part
of the test group too!

Someone has to keep an eye on these
German Shepherds.

indigodogs olive, raina & scout
indigodog raina

We had a lovely walk at Headwater Forest.

Everyone seemed to enjoy themselves.

We give these Indigodog Excursions
a big paws up.

indigodog sadie
indigodog butters
indigodogs blaze, butters & tanner

Some Indigodogs enjoying their summer vacation including Sadie . . .

Butters . . .

Blaze . . .

indigodog rita
indigodogs raina & rita

Rita (nothing like a good bone) . . .

Coco . . .

and Raina. Summer rocks at
The Indigo Dog House.

indigodog blaze
indigodogs blaze and mousse

Enjoying my summer vacation.

I'm enjoying my vacation too!!!

Herding Mousse around the yard. Again.

indigodog willy
indigodog blaze
indigodogs buster & willy

Taking a quick breather.

I've learned to pace myself.

Terriers, terriers .

indigodogs napoleon, blaze & scout
indigodog koko

Summer guests at The Indigo Dog House.

Sharing a laugh with Blaze & Scout.

Racing around.

indigodogs marli & mousse
indigodog tanner
indigodogs blaze, koko & tanner

Mousse and Marli playing a little soccer.

Leaping through the yard.

Catching up on the latest Indigodog gossip.

indigodogs blaze & mousse
indigodog koko
indigodogs mousse, blaze, napoleon & marli

Blaze herding Mousse.

Down time.

Summer fun with friends.

indigodogs skibble & crosby
indigodog koko
indigodog crosby

I am having such a great time on
my vacation. At first I was a little scared. . .

. . . but Koko said "Hey I was scared too, but now I LOVE the Indigo Dog House."

Crosby was like "Dude, this place rocks!"

indigodog koko
indigodog beepie
indigodog skibble

Koko said "You're not questioning me are you? I told you this place is great." (She can be a bit bossy.)

Beepie said "This is a great place for
sensitive souls."

They were all right. I have found my
vacation home.

indigodogs marli & josie
indigodog lola bean
indigodog koko

I love vacationing at The Indigo Dog House because I can play with all kinds of new friends.

Lola Bean ,


indigodog beepie
indigodog josie
indigodog marli


and Josie.

I had such a great afternoon with my buddies.

indigodog reba
indigodog lilly

Oh no, our vacation is almost over. I miss my Mom & Dad, but I don't want it to end.

It's so much fun to play with everybody
in the yards.

Everyone is so happy to be on vacation.

indigodog dickens
indigodog ernie

It's great to hang out together in the
summer sunshine.

It's been nice to flirt with other guests also staying here at The Indigo Dog House.

Come on Ernie, give them your
big soulful twinkle eyes and maybe
we can stay longer.

indigodog butters
indigodogs butters & ruben
indigodog reba

I'm on vacation for a week at
The Indigo Dog House. Yea me!

There are all kinds of things to do. Here I am playing tug with my new friend Ruben.

Reba and I played chase the tennis ball.
(Very fun.)

indigodog butters
indigodogs reba & scout
indigodog butters

There are so many toys to play with . . .

but Scout and Reba are just sitting
in the shade talking.

Come on somebody, let's play!

indigodog ernie
indigodog ruben
indigodogs butters & ruben

Ernie, what about you?

No, how about you Ruben?

Yea! Ruben is up for some tennis
ball playing.

indigodog sadie
indigodogs ruben & mollie
indigodog ernie

My name's Sadie. This was my first stay at
The Indigo Dog House and it was wonderful.

I hung out in the yard with Ruben and
Mollie (Codie's sister).

Ernie was very nice to me and told me in the fall we can have apples right off the tree!

indigodog mousse
indigodog mollie
indigodog codie

Mousse says she never wants to stay anywhere else.

Mollie said she initially got in because
of her sister, but now she's an Indigodog
in her own right.

Codie was one of the first Indigodogs.

indigodog nui
indigodog buster
indigodog sadie

Nui enjoys being outside and loves
staying here.

Buster. . .well Buster is a special case. He can be really naughty but he has J-Dog wrapped around his paw.

I am so comfortable here. I'm really glad I'm an Indigodog now too!

indigodog ollie
indigodog sparky "sunflower"

My name's Ollie. I've stayed here before. I've made a bunch of new friends this stay. . .

Bella (isn't she cute?), Jethro & Custard (they're brothers) . . .

and Sparky is their brother too.

indigodog nova
indigodogs "the brothers"

Oh yeah, this is MY brother Nova.

This afternoon everyone played in the yard.

Then, as a special treat, some small humans came over to play!

indigodog ollie
indigodog bella
indigodogs custard & sparky

They were so nice to us and gave us
lots of kisses!

We did some ball playing . . .

. . .told some good jokes. . .

indigodog jethro
indigodog sparky

and, in general, had a wonderful day.

Finally, the fun moved inside where the
girls told us how beautiful we are and
rubbed our bellies.

Sparky said he had the BEST time and can't wait until he comes back again.

indigodog tanner
indigodogs tanner & buster
indigodog tanner

Whee!!! I'm on vacation at
The Indigo Dog House.

I'm having a great time playing with
my new friends.

I love being able to explore . . . What? My vacation is over? I don't think so!

indigodog willow & olive
indigodogs buster, raina & scout

An afternoon of playing at
The Indigo Dog House.

A little wrestling.

A little break.

indigodog willie
indigodogs willow & buster

A little exploring of the yard.

A little running around.

A little game of tug.

indigodog willie
indigodog willie
indigodog louie

A little digging . . .

Oops I wasn't suppose to do that.

A little playing with toys.

indigodog willow
indigodogs buster & shadow
indigodog beepie

A bunch of new friends came to play
with me today!

Buster & Stormee . . .

Beepie . . .

indigodogs willow, buster & duchamp
indigodogs duchamp & zinobie
indigodog selavy

Selavy . . .

Duchamp & Zinobie.

We all had a great time playing together!

indigodog duchamp & willow
indigodog duchamp, selavy & willow
indigodogs duchamp, selavy & willow

Playing in the yard together.

Hanging together.

Playing in the shade together.

indigodogs lilly & willow
indigodog buddy

It's a beautiful SUNNY day at
The Indigo Dog House.

We are all having so much fun
playing together!

If I get too hot there's plenty of shade
to relax in.

indigodogs mollie & willow
indigodog marli
indigodog codie

Best buddies - Mollie & Willow.

Cute adorable Marli enjoying the day.

Codie catching some rays.

indigodogs maril, mollie & scout
indigodogs willow & olaf
indigodog lilly

It's too hot to run around constantly.

Olaf and Willow agree. The shade is nice.

I've had the BEST weekend!

indigodogs bob & willy
indigodog willy
indigodogs kelly & willow

Hi it's me again. If you don't know by now, my name is Bob.

This is my long lost brother Willy. This is his first time here and I've shown him everything he needs to know.

This is Willow & Sweet Kelly. They are
bigger than us, but we're running the show. (We ARE Cairn Terriers!)

indigodog rita
indigodog rudy
indigodogs bob & willy

This is Rita. She is very nice. She likes to sit on top of the couch, on the table or on the desk.

This is her brother Rudy. He likes to hang out by the computer. Do you know they are allowed to sit on the furniture? When I tried to sit on the desk I was told I was too big.

This is Willy and I deciding what we are going to get into . . . oh no, I mean DO next.

indigodog trixie
indigodog dickens
indigodog kelly

I got in to The Indigo Dog House! It's
as much fun as I heard.

This is Dickens. He's a big guy but very nice.

This is Kelly (aka Sweet Kelly). She loves taking her vacations at The Indigo Dog House.

indigodog crosby
indigodogs trixie & beepie
indigodog trixie

This is Crosby. He's here with his
sister Beepie.

Beepie and I have had a lot of fun together.

I also enjoy playing with my purple ball.

indigodog trixe
indigodog beepie
indigodog trixie

I like to race around the yards
chasing my ball.

Beepie thought she'd catch some sun.

That sounds like a good idea. I have had a great vacation!

indigodog vanessa
indigodogs vanessa, rascal & scout
indigodogs rascal & cody

This is my first vacation at
The Indigo Dog House.

I like running around the yard really fast with my sister & Scout.

Here's my sister, Rascal, racing Cody.
She's winning.

indigodog rascal
indigodogs vanessa & rascal
indigodog vanessa

Whew! I think I'll take a break in the shade.

Now it's time for some tug.

OK, this place gets two paws up!
I had a great time!

indigodogs buster & bean
indigodog buster
indigodog olive

Trouble 1 & 2.

Hey. . . I'm not trouble!

Well I'm not trouble either! I never do anything bad.

indigodog storm
indigodogs storm & buster
indigodog jessie

Well you can tell from looking at my sweet face, I'm not trouble.

Though I have learned some interesting words from Buster.

Harumph! Buster gets to be trouble because he is J-Dog's Little Man. And I learned a few words too.

indigodog bob
indigodog ruben

Hey everybody. It's me Bob! Let's all go over to the yard and PLAY!

Come on Ruben, you chase me and I'll
chase Olive.

Sorry. I haven't introduced Ruben. This is his first time here. I think he's fun.

indigodogs neira & bob
indigodogs olive & bob

Neira and I are having a blast chasing the tennis balls.

What is it Olive? Do you need to take a break? Are you getting . . . tired?

Ha, I'll keep playing! I am SO going to
catch this ball!

indigodogs olive, bob & ruben
indigodogs reeba & colorado
indigodog wren

Are you guys up for more tag? I'm game!

This is Reeba & Colorado. They're older so
they like to watch. Although Reeba has been known to play a great game of fetch.

This is Wren. Camryn person had to take her picture when she wasn't running otherwise she is just a black blur. She is VERY fast.

indigodog dust

This is Dust. He likes to supervise
from the shade.

Now that you mention it, the shade sounds good. Let's play in the shade for awhile.

Hey why is everybody sleeping? I'm having way to much fun to sleep!

indigodog willow
indigodogs jup-jup & kaya
indigodogs willow, kaya & jup-jup

I'm here on a trial basis to see if I can
become an Indigodog. Oh I hope I make it!

This is Jup-Jup & Kaya. They are already Indigodogs. They are lucky dogs.

As an Indigodog, you can play in the yards with all your friends.

indigodogs willow & kaya
indigodog blaze
indigodog doc

Everyone in this group is already an Indigodog. I think I fit in with them nicely.

This is Blaze. He has been an
Indigodog for years.

This is Doc. He likes being an Indigodog because of the wonderful food here.

indigodog kaya
indigodogs willow & kaya
indigodog willow

Kaya says maybe I should bribe J-Dog with some dog treats.

This was Kaya's first time here and she had a great time.

Yeah!!!! I'm in!!!!
I've become an Indigodog!

indigodog stormee
indigodogs blaze & stormee
indigodog storm

My name is Stormee. I'm a puppy. I'm a
BIG puppy. This is my first time here.

This is my buddy Blaze.

This is Storm. Her name is like mine. This is her first time here too. She's old.

indigodogs hope & maggie
indigodog stormee
indigodog storm

This is Hope and Maggie. They're fun to play with too!


I like being outside in the sunshine.


Storm prefers to take it easy on the
shady deck.


indigodog bob
indigodogs bob, jabu & coco

My name's Bob. This is my first time here.


These are my buds Coco & Jabu. They are poodles. I control them.

This is Coco flirting with Louie. I'm taking notes.


indigodog jabu
indigodogs bob & willow
indigodog willow

Jabu is admiring the wind chimes in
the apple tree.


This is me playing with my best
friend Willow.


This is Willow. She is way cool!


indigodogs louie & coco
indigodog coco
indigodogs louie, willow & scout

Ms. Coco has come to play.


I am so happy to be here .
This place is so fun.

Louie & Willow playing together.


indigodogs mollie, beepie & crosby
indigodog beepie
indigodogs beepie & crosby

Wow the sun has come out for a few hours. Let's romp in the yard.


Jabu just got here. He is very fun to play with.


Hey let me in on the fun.


indigodog mollie
indigodog crosby & mollie
indigodog crosby

As a special treat, Mollie came over and we all headed to the Headwater Forest for a walk.


I'm exploring by the barn.


Crosby & I are racing around the barn.


indigodog beepie
indigodogs beepie & jabu
indigodog crosby

Hey everybody! Who wants to play in the puddle?


Yahoo! This is fun!


Thanks for bringing Mollie, my sister and
I here! We had a BLAST!


indigodogs olive & scout
indigodogs olive & scout
indigodog olive

Here I am on a walk at the forest
with my buddy Scout.


We are having so much fun together!
Let's go up here Scout.


Yahoo! Here I come!


indigodog olive
indigodogs olive & mollie
indigodogs olive & mollie

And tomorrow I get to play with my
friend Mollie...


Ha Mollie, I'll race ya!


Mollie is so COOL!


indigodog olive
indigodogs buster & olive
indigodogs buster, olive & scout

This is my German Shepherd pose.


This is my buddy Buster.


I'm so happy to be on vacation.


indigodog annie
indigodogs annie & mollie
indigodogs annie & marli

Hi, my name is Annie.


This is my best friend Mollie. She and I are racing around the yard.


This is Marli, another friend. She and I are racing around too!


indigodogs annie & buster
indigodogs marli, mollie & scout
indigodog codie

This is Buster. He got a huge head start.

Everyone's taking a rest in the shade.

This is Codie. She gave me this look
when I said "Let's play".

indigodog cody
indigodogs mollie, cody, dickens & scout
indigodogs dickens & mollie

I'm on vacation, the sun is shining and I have buddies to play with . . . Life is good!


Here we are running around
the yard together.


Dickens & Mollie (Codie's sister) are
happy to be here too.


indigodogs cody, mollie, dickens & scout
indigodog dickens
indigodogs cody & mollie
Ha! I won this race!
Dickens doesn't care if he wins or loses,
he just likes playing the game.
After a full day of play, the fun moves indoors & goes on well into the evening.


indigodog elmer
indigodog paddington
indigodogs elmer & paddington

I'm relaxing in the shade.


I'm so happy to be on vacation!


We received a special treat today -
a walk at the Headwater Forest.


indigodogs elmer & paddington
indigodog elmer
indigodog paddington

Taking a breather.


Hey can someone read the sign for me?


This is a perfect place to take a Sunday afternoon stroll.


indigodogs footsie & raina
indigodog footsie
indigodog raina

Here Footsie, let me show you
how to play ball.


But which one should I play with?
The blue or the green?


I know decisions, decisions - the
blue or the orange?


indigodog footsie
indigodog footsie
indigodog nui

Ha, I caught one!


Whew! I think I'll take a breather
in the shade.


And in the cheering section . . .
it's Nui!


indigodog footsie
indigodog raina
indigodog nui

Wow, I had a great day.


Yeah, nothing like a good bone at
the end of the day.


I'm all set to watch the Olympics. Ohh good! Skiing is on!


indigodog blaze
indigodogs cody & buster
indigodog buster

OK everybody it's finally stopped raining. Let's PLAY BALL!


Buster, you and Cody go deep.


Nice catch!


indigodog cody
indigodogs marli & scout
indigodogs cody & scout

Go, Cody, go!


Marli you are going to have to run
fast to beat out Scout.


Nice block Scout!


indigodogs blaze & buster
indigodog marli

Ha Buster I'm going to give you a
run for your money.


OK, everyone take five.


Ready for round two?


indigodogs marli & scout
indigodogs marli, buster & scout
indigodogs marli, buster & scout

Scout and Marli playing ball.


A race to get the ball.


The victor!


indigodogs jabu & mousse
indigodog mousse
indigodogs kira, neira & mousse

Playing with my new buddy Jabu.


I LOVE being on vacation.


A vicious gang of sweeties.


indigodog mollie
indigodogs sutter & jabu
indigodog sophie

I don't care that it's raining!
And NO I wasn't digging!


Mollie is such a crazy puppy. There's
no way we're going out in the rain.


I agree. This is a perfect day to cuddle in my warm, comfortable bed in my suite.


indigodog sutter
indigodogs sutter & scout

Wow it quit raining. Let's go play
in the yard.


This is fun.


Everyone join in. Scout is "IT"!


indigodog jabu
indigodogs scout, mollie & jabu
indigodog sutter

Hey did she go this way?


Someone catch her!


It's raining again, but that's OK
because I'm exhausted.


indigodogs kelly & selavy
indigodog duchamp
indigodogs selavy, duchamp & jabu

We think a gopher was here.


I have so much fun here!


Poodle playtime.


indigodog kelly
indigodog jabu

J-Dog says I'm the sweetest dog in the
whole wide world.


Playing with my new friends.


This vacation is proving to be so relaxing.


indigodogs jabu & coco
indigodogs scout, jabu, coco & neira
indigodog coco
We survived the 2010 Earthquake!
We're all comparing stories. None of us were scared . . . much.
Yeah, it was intense! The Indigo Dog House really rocked & rolled. What a rush!