indigodog gallery


indigodog buster
indigodog nui
indigodog blaze

Are we going to go on this walk or
just stand around?


What a nice treat! A walk at
Headwater Forest.


Yeah, I love this place. It's great to be a Holiday Indigodog!


indigodogs buster & dickins
holiday indigodogs

It's Christmas Eve and we're all excited
about Santa Paws coming tonight!


Hey Santa Paws don't forget to stop off
at The Indigo Dog House.


Waiting patiently by the stockings.


indigodog nui
indigodog sandy
indigodog dickens

I'm so happy. It's finally Christmas day.


I have been a perfect angel this year. I know I'm going to get lots of presents.


Buster said if you are bad,
you get coal. Oh, no


indigodog kona
indigodog dickens
indigodog blaze

Santa Paws did come. Look at all the presents. I'm so glad I'm wearing my holiday sweater.


Oh, I was a good boy. Some of
these are for ME!


Shouldn't we wait for J-Dog to
hand them out?


indigodog buster
indigodog nui

No way! Let's dig in.


Oh WOW, a whale toy. Just what
I asked Santa Paws for.


Which one's mine? Move over Dickens.
Watch out Kona!


indigodog dickens
Scout "Bean" Indigo

Hee, this toy is so COOL!


I got a stickie!


Wow, look at all this stuff.


indigodog "bad to the bone" buster
indigodog kona
indigodogs buster & nui

Cool, a new dog bowl! I know this one's mine because it says Bad to the Bone.


OK, I think I got everything unwrapped.


Come on Nui, join the fun.


indigodogs buster, kona & bean
indigodogs buster & dickens
indigodog sandy

We've got the Christmas spirit.
Check out the green & red.


Time for a quick nap .


I guess we really didn't have to
get up at 6:00 AM.


indigodog cooper
indigodogs maimee & annie
indigodogs maimee & annie

I enjoy my time at The Indigo Dog House.


No we're not twins . . .


. . . but we do LOVE playing together.


indigodogs simon
indigodog simon

Ha, I'm on vacation again!


I love to romp with the other guests.


J-Dog says I'm a sweet & handsome boy.


indigodog scoop
indigodogs scoop & scout
indigodog mollie

Here I am on my Indigodog vacation. Sigh. Sure wish Mollie was here too.


As your concierge, I can take care of that request. Let's call Mollie now.


Here I am to save the day!


indigodogs mollie & scoop
indigodogs scoop & mollie
indigodog scoop

Oh Mollie, I'm so glad you are here!


Alright, the fun starts now. Let's play!


Yahoo! Mollie!!!


indigodogs mollie & scoop
indigodog mollie
indigodog scoop

Now let's play a little tug.


That was FUN. I'm glad Scout gave me a call.


Whew, I'm beat.


indigodogs sandy & dickens
indigodog sandy
indigodogs sandy & dickens

OK, let's get going on the turkey.


Do you know what spices we need? Do you have a turkey recipe? Do you know how long to cook the turkey?


Relax Sandy, J-Dog and I have everything under control. Don't forget the paprika J-Dog.


indigodogs dickens & kiah
indigodog napoleon

While we are waiting for the turkey to cook, let's run and play ball.


Hee, this is my girlfriend, Kiah.
Isn't she cute?


Yeah, yeah, I just want to play
some more ball.


indigodog beepie
indigodogs kiah & napoleon
indigodog crosby

Are you trying to take another
picture of me?


Hey Kiah, note these muscles.
Am I ripped or what?


Oh Kiah, come chase ME.


indigodog kiah
indigodog sandy
indigodog crosby

Will that turkey ever be ready?
It smells soooo good.


Yeah it's done! I want dark AND white meat.


Oh, the table looks so lovely.


indigodogs kiah & napoleon
indigodogs kiah, sandy & dickens
indigodog sandy

I get to sit next to Kiah.


That was so good. I'm stuffed. . .


. . . and sleepy.


indigodog jup-jup
indigodog jup-jup
indigodog jup-jup

(Yawn) It's a rainy day . . .


I think I'll take a nap.


Oh boy! The sun came out.


indigodog kiah
indigodogs lily & bear
indigodog lily

Yeah, let's run around.


Ball playing is always fun.


I'm a cutie. Doesn't it look like
I'm wearing spats?


indigodog val
indigodogs val & tia
indigodog trip

It's a beautiful day and I'm on vacation!


Taking a stroll around the yard
w ith my daughter.


My granddaughter is into ball playing.


indigodogs tia & trip
indigodogs tia & scout
indigodogs val, tia & trip

Ha Mom! You can't catch me!


Gee Tia, wait up!


Family Portrait.


indigodog tia
indigodog tia
indigodog tia

Oh my gosh, when is my
hairdresser coming?


I love having my hair done.


It's just so darn relaxing.


indigodog simon
indigodog trip
indigodogs val & tia

My name's Simon. This is my first time here. The other guests are all girls. Hee!


This is Trip. This is her first time here too. She likes to bark at me.


This is Trip's Mom and Grandma.
They are very nice.


indigodogs tia & trip
indigodog tia
indigodogs val & simon

For entertainment, Trip & Tia held a
boxing exhibition.


I love how Tia does her hair.


I'm off to spend some time with Val.


indigodog codie
indigodog scoop
indigodog olaf

What a beautiful day.


Cool, let's do something. Tag? Ball Playing? I'm up for anything!


I'll just sit here with my new best friend,
Mr. Reindeer.


indigodog mollie
indigodog mollie
indigodog codie

Yahoo, let's go!


Gosh darn I missed it.


This is how you catch it. Did you
see my technique?


indigodogs mollie & bella
indigodogs bella, mollie & ollie



Small, medium & large.


Chasing Ollie.


indigodogs mollie, savannah & bella
indigodog mollie
indigodog bella

Still on the go.


House is trashed, holes are dug,
my work here is done.


Taking a quick nap on my rocker
in my room.


indigodog mollie
indigodogs ollie & bella

OK, who wants to play soccer?


Um. . .how do you play?


It's easy Ollie, chase the ball!


indigodogs zeke, mollie & scout
indigodogs bella, neira & zeke
indigodog mollie

Hey Neira, pass it to us!


She's going for the goal!


What do you mean you are all tired? I still want to play!


indigodog drifter
indigodog peso
indigodog peso

I'm having such a great time!


Ya know if I dig here, I can bury the ball right here. . .


What? No I wasn't digging.


indigodog zeke
indigodogs peso & zeke
indigodog peso

Alright Peso let's play.


That's right little guy, chase me now.


Ha, ha, find the Peso.


indigodogs bosley & peso
indigodog bosley
indigodog drifter

Here Peso, let me show you how to do
the Two Step. One and two and one and two...


I deserve an apple break after that.


Ha, ha, find the Drifter.


indigodog blaze
indigodog buster
indigodog floyd earl

I take such great pictures.


Yeah I'm digging, but do you think I'll get in trouble? No WAY! I'm J-Dog's Little Man.


I'm so happy to be on vacation.


indigodog ollie moon
indigodog bean
indigodogs buster & tweed

Me too!


A concierge's work is so tiring.


Nap time.


indigodog floyd earl
indigodog b-day cake
indigodogs ollie moon & tweed

It's my birrthhday! It's my birrthhday!


This is my birthday cake and party favors for my guests.


Here are my friends (& sister) eating cake.


indigodog ollie moon

We got ice cream too!




Wonder if there's any crumbs left?


indigodog rudy
indigodog rudy
indigodog rita

Early morning.


I'm up, I'm up!


Rudy, come on outside, it's a beautiful day.


indigodog tweed
indigodog rudy

I'm enjoying myself.


Yeah, yeah I was up WAY to late last night.


Yahoo, it's play time!


indigodogs tweed, shadow & bear
indigodog buster

Let's play Tweed.




Call my Mom. Tell her we don't
want to go home.


indigodog shadow
indigodogs shadow & tweed

Hope & Maggie. And Buster.
And Blaze's ears.


Heeeeyyyy...Whatcha doing?


This is my buddy Tweed!


indigodogs shadow & sandy
indigodog shadow

This is my buddy Sandy!


Now everyone run in a big circle!


Yeah, I'm having fun.


indigodogs codie & nui
indigodog mollie
indigodog raina

Enjoying the afternoon.


I am having SOOOOOOOOO much fun!


Yeah, this place is great! Race ya to the other end of the yard!


indigodog nui
indigodog codie
indigodogs bear, raina & mollie

Those kids! They have so much energy.


I agree. I'd rather take a snooze in the sun.


After dinner, still going & going & going. . .


indigodogs willow & scout
indigodog willow
indigodogs willow & raina

My German Shepherd Buddy #1, Scout.


Hold on while I go over to my other German Shepherd buddy.


This is Raina, Buddy #2.


indigodogs louie & hope
indigodog scout
indigodogs louie & scout

Hope & Louie on their first
Indigodog Adventure!


Are we ready to turn around yet?


Yahoo! It's cookie time.


indigodog mollie
indigodogs louie & mollie
indigodog louie

I'm going after this cool toy.


My new friend Louie.


Ha! Now I have the cool toy.


indigodog sandy
indigodogs louie & sandy

This toy almost got me but
I'm fighting back


The chase is on!


Nothing like a good chew toy.


indigodogs sammy, mollie & jake
indigodogs zeke & sandy

Hey Sammy whacha doing?


Long lost brothers.


Indigodog heads.


indigodog sammy
indigodog jake
indigodog lily

Toothy grin.


Happy, Happy, Happy.


I'm happy too!


indigodogs zeke
indigodog zeke & lily

Ha! I know a secret!


Lily loves me!


End of the day.


indigodog purdy
indigodog zeke
indigodog poppy

I'm smiling for the camera.


I'm smiling too.


Now I'm smiling with Poppy.


indigodog zeke
indigodog bear
indigodogs zeke & blaze

This toy is so cool.


Which tennis ball? This one, no this one, no this one . . .




indigodog tugger
indigodogs sophie & kelly

Whee! I'm on vacation!


Friends exploring a scent.


The gang at play.


indigodog lola
indigodogs lola & sophie
indigodog sutter

I'm Lola.


This is me with my sister, Sophie.


This is our BIG brother, Sutter.


indigodogs kelly & perdy
indigodogs kelly, cara & sutter
indigodog perdy

Psst! . . .Hey Purdy, let's bark at the fence.


What? No it wasn't me. I hanging out
here with Cara.


Well, it wasn't me.


indigodogs cara & sutter
indigodog olaf
indigodog cara

Well it CERTAINLY wasn't Sutter or I!


Hey Purdy, do you want to play?


It's someone else's job to watch this
group. I'm on vacation.


indigodog mollie
indigodogs mollie, willow & jup-jup
indigodog moliie & willow

Hi. I'm Mollie. My sister comes here,
now I do too.


These are my buds - Willow & Jup-Jup.
They are very nice.


Willow is an AWESOME playmate.


indigodog willow
indigodogs mollie & willow
indigodogs mollie & jup-jup

Do you know that this yard has gophers?


Um...I don't think you are suppose to dig.


You're right Jup-Jup, this would
be a good place to dig! Hee!


indigodog doc
indigodog paddy
indigodog marli

Ah. . .A beautiful summer afternoon.


Yahoo! Let's romp!


Ball playing is my thing. Did you
see me catch that one?


indigodog doc
indigodog nui
indigodog marli

I DO like running around.


Oooh. . . the sun feels nice.


Hey, I'm getting hot. Neira where's the pool?


indigodog neira
indigodog neira

Oh yeah, it's pool time!


Marli, the water's great. Come on in.


I love summer.


indigodogs elmer fudd & paddington bear
indigodogs duchamp & bear
indigodogs selavy

It's the 4th of July weekend!


This poodlie is ready to play.


I'm ready too.


indigodog raina
indigodogs nui, raina & paddington bear
indigodogs duchamp & raina

OK, let's play. I got this tennis ball.


This toy is WAY cool.


This is my buddy Duchamp.


indigodogs bosley, shadow & paddington bear
indigodog elmer fudd
indigodog duchamp

Hey has anyone seen Elmer Fudd?


Hee, hee, hee.


I found him!


indigodog raina
indigodog duchamp
indigodog paddington bear

Wow, this has been a long weekend.


[Yawn] I'm not [yawn] . . . tired.


Whew, I'm beat. [Yawn]


indigodogs marli & ginger
indigodog marli
indigodogs ginger & scout



Hey, did you get my good side?


Taking a breather in the shade.


indigodog ginger
indigodogs marli & scout
indigodog marli

On the go again.


Chasing down the tennis ball.


Gosh, I'm exhausted.


indigodogs buster & lily
indigodog lola bean
indigodog cody

It's time for a little ball playing.


Nah, I'd rather roll around on the grass.


I'm always ready for some ball playing.


indigodog asta
indigodog lily

Hey where did the tennis ball go?


It's not in the bush!


It's not in this bush either. Oh no!


indigodog lily
indigodogs lily, lola bean & BB

I can't find the tennis ball anywhere.


Hey BB have you seen it?


Don't tell anybody, but I think
Buster took it.


indigodogs sami & BB
indigodog sami
indigodog sami & asta

Hey wait up! Your legs are
longer than mine!


Wow, I caught one.


I can keep up with you. Our legs
are the same size.


indigodogs sami, BB, asta & bean
indigodogs sami, asta & bean
indigodog asta
Sami with Asta.
It's Super Asta! Up, Up and Away!
Hee. My secret identity is sweet
innocent Asta.
indigodog zeke
indigodogs zeke, cody & bean
indigodog cody

I get called Zeke, Zekie Man, Handsome
and Sweet Zekie.


Whoa dude . . . I almost ran into you!


Hee! I LOVE chasing tennis balls.
And I'm really good at it.


indigodogs zeke, cody & bean
indigodog nui
indigodogs maimee & neira

We need this huge yard to run off
all our energy!


I've been told I have happy eyes.


Me and my buddy. For a big dog,
she's not that bad.


indigodogs savannah & willow
indigodogs savannah & willow
indigodogs savannah & willow

Savannah with her new best friend in the whole wide world Willow.




Chase me Willow!


indigodog ginger
indigodogs buster & bean
indigodogs buster, bear & lilly

Oooh the sun feels good.


Hey this soccer ball matches me.


I'm the fastest thing on paws!


indigodogs marli & sammy
indigodog jake
indigodogs marli, sammy & jake

Marli & her buddy Sam playing.


Hey can I play too?


Everyone playing an exciting game of chase.


indigodogs marli & scout
indigodogs sammy & jake
indigodog marli

Scout and Marli in a race.


Hey wait for us!




indigodog bear
indigodogs maggie & hope
indigodog sara

The girls call me Stud Muffin.


We think Bear aka Stud Muffin
is VERY handsome.


Yeah Bear is a cutie.


indigodogs bear, maggie & hope
indigodogs maggie & hope
indigodog maggie

Bear & His Girl Friends.


Hey Bear . . . come join us!


Bear thinks my eye brows are cute.


indigodog louie
indigodogs louie, kelly & blaze
indigodog louie

Shadow and light.


Louie's Gang.


Exhausted after a full day.


indigodogs louie & savannah
indigodogs pepper & scout
indigodog louie

Louie & his friend Savannah


Pepper & Scout running . . .


& Louie running too.


indigodog louie
indigodog pepper
indigodog louie



I really like this place!


Yeah, me too!


indigodogs elmer & paddington
indigodogs elmer & paddington
indigodogs elmer & bean

Our first stay at The Indigo Dog House. We think running around the yards is the best!


No wait . . . the walks are the best!


Although playing with our new friends is fun too . . . we just can't decide!


indigodog sunny
indigodog buster

Everyone playing together in the yard.


I am sooooo happy it's not raining.


Damn, I'm cute.


indigodog olaf

Oh no, Kelly's barking at the fence.


No I wasn't, I'm perfect.


It's up to me to keep an eye on
all these youngsters.



Poker Night


Kelly gets the pot.


Doc, did you really think you would
win with a 3 & a 4?


indigodog colorado
indigodog doc
indigodog reeba

He "(i)s a bold spirit in a loyal breast".


Wow! A sunny day!


Yeah I'm a princess.


indigodogs reeba, colorado & doc
indigodog doc
indigodogs scout & neira

Hey, whatcha sniffing?


Playing in the yard.


Sisters in spirit.


indigodogs blaze & bean
indigodog nui

Wow! It's not raining. Let's go for a walk.


Catch me if you can Scout!


It's actually SUNNY out.


indigodog zeke
indigodogs zeke & blaze
indigodog nui

I really like this ball. It's a really cool ball. It's mine.


Ha, ha, ha. You look funny with that ball in your mouth.


Oh noooooo! I think I felt a rain drop.


indigodog bear
indigodog nui
indigodogs bear, kyrie & scout

Yahoo . . . I am on vacation!


This is my shy friend, Nui.


These are my buddies Kyrie & Scout.


indigodogs bear & kyrie
indigodogs bear & kyrie
indigodog kyrie

Here we are racing around the yard together.


Whew! I need a break.


Kyrie, my bestest friend needs a break too.


indigodogs bear & kyrie
indigodogs bear & scout
indigodogs kyrie & scout

What? The phone's for me? My vacation is over and it's time for me to go home?


Noooooo . . . I don't wanta go home.


Naptime for tired German Shepherds.


indigodogs ollie & dickens
indigodogs ollie & dickens
indigodog ollie

Hey new guy, let me fill you in on being
an Indigodog.


Isn't this place great!!!


Exhausted after a weekend.


indigodog mouffi
indigodog mouffi
indigodog mouffi



Focus II.


Our newest Indigodog member.


indigodog maki
indigodog maki
indigodogs maki & bosley

Romping around the yard.


You DO have a treat in your pocket!


Hey Bosley, let's play.


indigodog maki
indigodog bosley
indigodog shadow

Let's play hide & seek. Shadow you're it.


Oh Shadow where are you?


I hope they can't see me!


indigodog neira
indigodog shadow
indigodog neira

A tennis ball + GSD = One Happy Dog

Watching from the shade.

Sun, a tennis ball, grass . . . It doesn't
get any better than this.

indigodogs scout, codie & olaf
indigodogs codie & olaf
indigodogs scout, codie & olaf

Hittin' the open trail.


Enjoying our Indigodog Adventure
at the Headwater Forest Reserve !


These woods have great scents.


indigodogs nui & codie
indigodog blaze
indigodogs blaze, codie & scout

Nui & Codie playing together.


Hey can I play?


We're ready to chase that tennis ball now.