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Happy New Year!

I have fully adjusted to being in “vacation mode”.  At first I was my shy self but I quickly remembered what a good time I have here and how nice everyone is to me.

New Year’s Eve was very nice.  J-Dog and Camryn person invited some nice people over to play with us and one of their friends knew EXACTLY how to scratch my back just like I like it!  When the fireworks started I started to get a little stressed out but everyone was so nice that I quickly settled down and was very cool with everything.  (Hee) Dickens in fact was more stressed than I was and he went and sat in a corner.  Finally I said “Dickens!  Nothing is going to hurt you!  Don’t be a baby!  It ruins your suave image!”  So then Dickens settled down and was more mellow.

I am eating all my food and snuggling a lot next to J-Dog.  When she or Camryn person cooks in the kitchen I am not scared.  In fact I think it’s important to help as needed.

Today was very nice and sunny out and we all went outside and wandered around the yard.  The sun felt very nice!

Soon it will be time for our New Year’s dinner and J-Dog has promised me a piece of steak! Yum!

Love to everyone,