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So when Maze said we were going to the Indigo Dog House I thought that sounded fun ‘cause everything in my life is fun and besides I’m very sweet so I was sure everyone would like me and I was right everyone likes me ‘cause I’m so sweet and this place is fun ‘cause I get to run around with all my new friends, Paddington, Elmer, Gallagher, Neira and Scout just kind of watches us and she and Maze look at each other and shake their heads and we were up really late last night until midnight(!) and everyone but ME got tired and all the humans thought I was sweet and I tried to get all my friends to play but they were all sleeping but I went around to them and would gently put a paw on them but they were all sleeping so then I went to bed and then I got up early so I could play some more and I had breakfast then I ran around the yard and the deck was slippery ‘cause it had frost on it and I slid across the deck which was so much fun then I gave Camryn person a hug ‘cause I was happy and I got mud on her but she didn’t care ‘cause I’m sweet and she said I give good hugs and I wish I didn’t have to go home and that I could play with everyone but J-Dog said I have to go home this afternoon but that is a long time from now so I’m going to go and play in the yard and Camryn person and J-Dog will play with me and give me many more hugs ‘cause I’m sweet.


(Sweet) Flo