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indigodog doogie

Dear Mom and Dad,

Soooo…I heard the instructions you gave J-Dog in regards to me.  “Don’t let Doogie bark, don’t let him be mean to other dogs, watch him around food…give him a “time out” if he is BAD…”

WELL!!!  I have been an angel!  I haven’t had ANY time outs!  J-Dog is walking around saying what a good boy I am and how I MUST be soooo misunderstood. (Sigh)

Meanwhile…Nox has a new Indigodog nickname… (hee, hee)…Obnoxious.  HA, HA!!!  She has had many time outs for launching herself through the air and landing on the computer, fighting under the desk at unsuspecting guests that walk by and OH YEAH!!!   For being BAD when there is food involved!  HA!  I’ve been good it’s Nox who is getting the time outs!!!

Anyway, I’m having fun ‘cause my obnoxious sister (Ha, ha, that name just KILLS me) is playing with the other guests so I get a break.  I love snuggle time in J-Dog’s or Camryn person’s lap and I’m getting LOTS of kisses and praise because…say it with me…I AM SUCH A GOOD BOY!  (Time outs…jeesh…)

Anyway your perfect son says “Hi and I love you”!  Nox is somewhere playing with Dakota so whatever.


Doogie Schnauzer MD