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Hi Mom!

I’m having a great time!!  Kaci and I love vacation.  There are new friends to play with and things to do.  I have missed you-but (big sigh) I’m toughing it out.  Ha, ha, ha!!! Oh that was a good one! I crack myself up!  J-Dog said I didn’t even notice when you left but I did!!  But I admit I was already in “vacation” mode so I wasn’t upset or anything.

J-Dog told me you tried to make other reservations for us but they were full so we were on the “waiting list”.  When I heard that I thought “oh, that won’t do at all!” so I ate the reservation book.  Ha!!  Now try to tell me you’re “full”!!!  Yep, J-Dog just took her eyes off me for a couple of minutes and I ripped the book all up!  It was fun!!  When J-Dog found the book I said it wasn’t me but Kaci.  I also chewed-I mean KACI chewed the snaps on Shadow’s crate.  Hee!  Shadow’s Mom was very cool about it and said it was OK so we didn’t get in trouble.

So now J-Dog is watching me like a hawk.  Oh well.
I have to go play with Teddy.  He is very fun.  I’m learning all kinds of new words from him like &@!%# and $!@&&%.  Hee.  I don’t know what they mean but Kaci says they’re BAD!!

I’ll see you later!  It’s time to PLAY!!!

Your good boy,