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indigodogs poppy, annie & jack

Hi Mom!

I had a great weekend at The Indigo Dog House!   I played with a bunch of new friends-Poppy who is very silly but has lots of energy, and Jack, who I would chase all over the yard then he would chase me!  What fun!

I was an even better girl than last time-J-Dog said so.  I was very good with Rudy and Rita two Mini Doberman Pinchers-I sniffed them politely then left them alone..  I was also very good when I saw male humans and didn’t bark at them (hardly) at all.

At first I missed my buddy Cricket since she didn’t stay here with me this time but after about 5 minutes I was playing out in the yard and didn’t even notice she wasn’t with me.  I love being able to romp with everybody all day and especially after dinner.  By the time it was bedtime I was sooooo tired I went right to sleep.

Anyway, J-Dog said you are coming home soon and I can’t wait to see you!  If you need to go somewhere without me it would be OK with me if I stayed here again ‘cause this place is really fun.