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Hi Mom!

Well I’ve finally been lucky enough to stay at The Indigo Dog House and now I understand why Cricket is always so excited to stay here.  This place is really FUN!!  We all hung out together and played all weekend!

A dog named Cooper came over and he was really nice.  He would play with me and it was fun to run around with him.  Trevor was also very nice to me and would race around the yard with a toy in his mouth and ask if I wanted to play.

At night we all watched Inspector Lewis on TV.  I knew who did it well before Cricket did!  She kept wandering off and would miss important parts.

J-Dog said I was a perfect angel and very well behaved.  I always came when called and would sit before I ate dinner.  Cricket would NOT sit and only came when called ½ of the time.  J-Dog said Cricket should try to be more like me!!

I took naps in the sun and then would wake up to play with Cricket or my new friends.  By the time it was bedtime at 11:00 I was VERY tired!

Anyway I had a great time and J-Dog said I’m coming back so life is good.  I miss you but I’m hanging in there.