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Dear Mom,  

Sorry I haven’t written before now but I’ve been busy!  I LIKE vacation!  I’m having a great time!

Willie came over to play and I was like “Hey”.  I’ve made tons of new friends- Bridget, Buster, Coco and Dart.  We race around the yard really fast and it is so much fun!!!

I like Camryn person and J-Dog.  They are very nice and give good back scratches.  I’m eating well and I like being able to use the doggy door so I can go outside whenever I want.  Only Scout and I use the doggy door.

We have been having fires in the fireplace at night because it has been so cold.  It is very nice to curl up on the couch with Camryn person and snuggle with her. 

Soon I get to go on an Indigodog Excursion!!!  I was going to go last Thursday but Willie came to see me so I stayed home instead.
We FINALLY had a nicer day so I was outside a lot playing with my new friends or just taking a quick nap in the sun.  Sorry there aren’t more pictures of me but J-Dog said I move too fast and all she gets are black blurs.  Hee.

I miss you but this vacation is very nice.

Love and wiggles,