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Hi Moms!

So I’m being very good.  In fact I think I can say I’m perfect.  Yep.  I’ve made lots of new friends and we all hang together. 
However, there is this other dog named “Walter” who can be BAD.  He looks like me but it isn’t ME.  “Walter” barks at the fence and tries to steal everyone’s toys.  Bad, bad “Walter”.
J-Dog says “Walter” is my evil twin and she’s RIGHT!  That explains so much!!!  All this time it wasn’t ME it was my evil twin “Walter”!

Anyway, it is great here.  I get to play in the yard and enjoy the sunshine.  We have had really, really nice weather so every day you can catch me snoozing in the sun.

This weekend I’m hanging with my new buddy Doogie.  He is really cool and he and I chase the birds from the yard and patrol the fence together.  He is my kind of guy but I don’t understand why J-Dog calls us “double trouble”.  It’s not like Doogie is hanging with “Walter”-boy that would be BAD.  “Walter” would show Doogie how to fight the neighbor dogs through the fence, steal Koko’s bone, and dig for gophers.  Yep, that “Walter” sure is a bad one!


Your perfect boy

Willy (NOT Walter)