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indigodog trudy

It’s ME!!  I’m having the best time!!!  I LOVE being on vacation and I’ve been very good.  The lamp was NOT my fault-Camryn person said so. 

I like being part of the household.   I make sure I help by supervising the chores and being a good watch dog.  But the best part of vacation is all the new friends I’ve made!   I love playing tag with everyone and running really fast around the yards!   Scout has also been very nice and we have bonded by both being Shepherds.  The one thing she does that I don’t get is she shakes her red ball at everyone if we get too rowdy. Between you and me she looks kinda silly…she will say “Hey!  You’re running through the house too fast! “ and shake, shake, shake her ball.   I sit and tilt my head at her (which Camryn person thinks is SOOOOO cute!) just watching her and wondering if her neck hurts from shaking her ball that much. 

I get told on a daily basis how good looking I am.  I also get lots of kisses and hugs.  The food here is soooo good and yummy!!   Last night we had steak and I’ve helped myself to some pumpkin pie that was in the ‘fridge.  Yum!

Anyway, I need to go and play with Dart, Rusty, and Cookie.  They are all so much fun that I don’t want to miss another minute! 

Love to everyone!!!