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HI from vacation land!

I LOVE this place!   Everyone is so nice to me!  I try to crawl in J-Dog’s and Camryn person’s laps and they give me a hug before they say (in a wheezing voice) “uh Toby you are too big to be a lap dog”!  But they still love me!

I get to play with some new friends-Cooper, Jack (he is sooooo coooool!) and Gracie.  It is just the right amount of playmates-we all have fun then we crash for awhile.  I LOVE running around the yard really fast with everyone!

It is a rainy day so we go outside for a bit to run around the yards and then come back into the nice warm house to play some more.   After a quick power nap and an afternoon treat, we are ready to play some more!  Yep that about sums up my vacation…play, play, eat, play, sleep, play play…you get the picture.

I am just SO HAPPY!!!! I’m having such a good time!!!  Remind me to thank my friend Coco for giving me the scoop on this place.  Maybe I should get her something.  Do you think I should get her something?:  Gosh…oh well I’ll think of that after my vacation.


Your very happy boy