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indigodog sadie

Hi Mom and Dad!

This place is so much fun!!! I get to play all day with all kinds of new friends.  I went on an Indigodog Excursion with my new friend Cricket and had so much fun!! We saw some nice people who J-Dog said were Forest Rangers-is that a type of people breed?  Anyway they were very nice and Cricket and I smelled all kinds of good smells and we went down to the creek but I didn’t go in but Cricket got her paws wet.
I’m being very good.  The only time I get into trouble is when I jump on people and then J-Dog says “NO” and I have to do a sit/stay.  J-Dog said I’m a very good girl and I do all kinds of good things like sit for my dinner and treats, and if I start playing too rough I have to sit and “collect myself”.

J-Dog puts yummy canned food in my food which is very good.  Scout gets this in her food and I asked (politely) if I could have some in mine and J-Dog said “Sure!” so now I get some too.
I really like this vacation thing.  I like being here and J-Dog said I can come back whenever  I want so we’ll talk about that when you get home.

Love and gentle pokes,

Sweet Sadie