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Hi Mom and Dad!  It is I Rusty Bear!  I decided to write tonight as we all wait for Santa Paws!  So everyone here is really fun and I’ve had a blast playing with all my new friends!!  I dig in the yard with Vanessa and Rascal and we bark at the fence too!!!  Ha, Ha!!!  It IS SO MUCH FUN!!!

(What is it Banjo? I’m talking to Mom and Dad!  Oh…I forgot that I wasn’t supposed to dig or bark.  Do you think Santa Paws will read this?  Maybe?!?!  Oh boy!)

Um… Mom and Dad, disregard that previous paragraph.  Hey!  How do you make this thing delete?  Um.. it wasn’t me!  Nope, I’ve been very good.  Ha, ha !  Do you know that J-Dog is as big a softie at home as she was in class?  If I get in trouble all I have to do is look at her and she melts!!  Ha, ha!!  NOT that I’ve been bad!  I’m a very good boy!

Banjo said to tell you she is having a good vacation.  She likes roaming around the yards and then going to take a nap in our room.  I don’t nap much – there is too much trouble uh fun, yeah fun to experience!

Anyway I can’t wait until tomorrow!! Everyone has been saying Santa Paws flies though the air and gives toys to all the good dogs.  Cats get NOTHING!!! Ha, ha!  That is what Dart told me!  (A little dog humor).

Anyway I need to go see what Rascal and Vanessa are up to! 

Love and kisses from Banjo and ME!!

Rusty Bear