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HI !

Move OVER Vanessa! Hi Mom!! 

Watch it Rascal!  I had the computer first!  Hi Mom!  Hi Grandma!  I love you both!

(Suck up)

WHAT did you say Rascal? 

(Nothing).  Just write already!!!

Stay off my back Rascal!!!  Anyway I have been very good.  We opened our presents and I was a little angel.  I got lots of stuff but Rascal was VERY BAD and should have gotten NOTHING ‘cause she was VERY BAD!  I was good…

Oh give it a rest Vanessa!  I was not THAT bad!  I must have been cute enough to convince Santa Paws ‘cause I got lots of stuff too!  Besides, I didn’t start digging that HUGE hole in the side yard!!!!

No, that’s right Rascal you didn’t start it but you certainly helped!  Besides, it wasn’t ME who had a “time out” right in the middle of un-wrapping the gifts!!!

Whatever!  Hey Mom I had a great time!!  I took Scout’s toy she got from a friend and made it squeak and squeak!!  Ha, ha that was so fun!!!  Then I ripped the stuffing out of it!!! 

While Rascal was destroying things I was playing nicely with Rusty.  Hee.  We ran around the Christmas wrapping paper really fast!!  Then we ripped it into tiny, tiny pieces.  We had a blast!!!

Hey Vanessa!  Let’s go outside and PLAY!!  J-Dog is not looking so we won’t get in trouble if we get all muddy again!!  Quick, Camryn person is not looking either!  She said something about getting some aspirin….Hee!!!

Merry Christmas Moms!!!  Merry Christmas Grandma!!!  We LOVE you!!!

Rascal  and Vanessa

indigodog rascal