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It was my second birthday!!!  Guess what?  It was Mousse’s birthday too!  So J-Dog and Camryn person decided to have a double birthday party!!! 

We had sooooo much fun.  We all played games and then had cake and then opened presents! I was VERY tired at the end of the day!

All my friends wanted to wish me happy birthday so I had J-Dog write down what they said.  I LOVE birthday parties!!!!

Hey BFF!!  What a great party!!  I can’t believe you wouldn’t go after the hotdogs in the water!  They were sooo good!  Ha, ha!  More for me!!  Hope ya like the kong toy I got ya.  Love and kisses, Mollie

Thank you having me at your party.  The cake was really good.  Codie

Hey Olive!!!  Great party!!  If you don’t want those “happy birthday” tennis balls just let me know.  It’s fun chasing Buster with you!  GSD RULE!!!  Neira

Hi Olive!  I’m glad we are friends and that we could have a double birthday together.  Aren’t birthdays GREAT?!!   You are very cool. Enjoy your presents!!  Your friend Mousse

HEEEEEYYYYY!!! I didn’t even KNOW it was your birthday but I LUCKED out when I came to stay for the night!!  Ha!!!  What a great party!!!  Gosh that cake was tasty!!!  Thanks for letting me come to your rockin’ party!!!   Ruben

Thank you for the great day!  You are really a nice dog and don’t get mad at me when I bump into you.  I don’t mean to bump into you but I don’t see very well.  I had a great time!  Tweed

Hey Olive!!  Thanks for inviting me to your party!!  The FOOD was awesome!!!  The cake was great and the other treats were good too.  Yum!!!  Thanks for the yummy party favors!!  Blaze

Hi Olive!  You are very nice!!!  I think birthdays are very fun!!!  Thank you for having a birthday while I was staying at the Indigo Dog House.  If you want to have a birthday again real soon that is FINE with me!!!   Buzz

Hey Olive!  GREAT party!!!  Thanks for inviting me!!!  I had a great time!!  Great food!  Moe

Hi Olive!!  Thanks for inviting me to your party!  I had a wonderful afternoon.  I hope you like the present I brought you.  You are very sweet and I’m glad we are friends.  Marli

HEY OLIVE!!!!!  This was my FIRST birthday party EVER and I had a BLAST!!! It was SO MUCH FUN!!!  I LOVED the games and cake and running around and the party favors and presents!!  Maybe we should have another party tomorrow!!!   Yeah!!!  Oh …I’m sorry I ate the cake before we sang “Happy Birthday”  No one told me ya had to wait.  My bad. Cooper

Olive-I’m glad you could have your birthday at my house.  You are my best buddy.  Wasn’t that cake good?  Scout

PS-Did you see Mouse got you rings like me?  Now you can carry them around and be just like me.  Scout

Thanks to all my friends who made my birthday a special one.  Special thanks to Scout for making all the arrangements.  Having a birthday party at The Indigo Dog House rocks!


Olive (aka Noodle)


indigodog olive's b-day cake