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Hello Mother (and Father),

I’m having a wonderful vacation.  The other day I went on a lovely hike at Headwater Forest Reserve which I enjoyed immensely.  It was good to get out, stretch my legs and enjoy the fresh air!

Jamara and I have our daily cuddle time but I must say I’m somewhat jealous of her relationship with Buster.  Don’t get me wrong, he is a very nice dog but we actually had to share her attention this morning!  However, Jamara had enough love for both of us and she admits no-one can kiss a neck like I can!

It is raining today so our Indigodog Excursion was canceled.   That is fine by me as it is cold out.  Staying curled up on the couch with a good book was a pleasant way to spend the day.

Camryn had some lovely ladies over for quilting last night.  I made sure they were properly greeted and that everyone was having a good time. I was quite the gentleman and made small talk with each person.  In all, an enjoyable evening.

We have a busy weekend planned with lots of guests coming and going.  There is always something going on and Jamara and Camryn are constantly asking my opinion on the day to day operations. Of course, I enjoy helping out and giving my input which is greatly valued.

I look forward to seeing you shortly.  We will spend some time cuddling together. Get ready for some kisses!!!  Give my best to Father.