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Hi Moms!!!

Wow!  I had the BESTEST 2nd birthday!!  All my friends - Olive and her friend Porcini, Neira, Marli and Buster - came over to The Indigo Dog House for my party and we all had a BLAST!!    I also met some new friends - Buddy and Bear and Cricket - they were very nice so I said they could come to my party too!!!  First we played in the yard and then we played party games like find the treat under the plate, bob for treats (Porcini won that one) and sit/stay for treats (Olive won). 

Then we ate cake!!  It was sooooooooo gooooood!!!   Olive licked my cake when J-Dog was cutting the pieces but I said I didn’t care.  Scout was a PIG and wanted to eat everyone’s cake but J-Dog wouldn’t let her.  Bear was very polite and waited until all the girls had their cake before getting his piece - smart guy!  Ha, Ha!!  Buddy at first didn’t know what to make of the cake and made a face as he tried a mouthful but then was like “Yum!!!” and asked for more.

Then we opened presents!!  I got some really cool things!  Marli gave me a kong Frisbee and Scout  gave me a chuck-it Frisbee!  I LOVE Frisbees!!!  J-Dog and Camryn person gave me a tiger chew toy and Olive and Porcini gave me another Frisbee that you can play tug with too!!!!  You can never have too many Frisbees!!!  I was very good and let everyone play with my new toys. 

It was a great party and Cricket said it was the best one she has ever been to.  Although I think this was the first birthday party she has gone to   We all played really hard then went inside for a nap.  What a great party!!!  I wish my birthday was every day.

Your birthday girl,

Mollie by Gollie

Aka “Squishy”