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Well it’s my first time at The Indigo Dog House and I’m having a mixed time.  Let me explain.  I LOVE my room and the kisses I get and playing with everyone and lap cuddle time and playing in the yard.  All that is fun but relaxing.

However, I am so stressed about the bones.  Ya see, there are all kinds of great toys but the absolute best are the bones.  (Sigh) So many bones so little time.  I love to take my “favorite” bone and run around the house and yard and find the perfect spot to hide it so no-one else can find it and take it and chew on it.

J-Dog thinks it is very funny to see me run and hide the bone behind a coffee table and then minutes later run and get it to hide
it in an even BETTER spot.  Yesterday I was burying a bone at
the edge of yard and I had to uncover it and look for a new spot ‘cause everyone was LOOKING at where I hid it.  It is so stressful! It is so much WORK to try to find the best spot for my bone.  After J-Dog gets done laughing she’ll take the bone away
so “I can relax”.  No-one understands how important it is to hide
all the many bones so only I can find them!!!

Anyway, other than that …having a great time, blah, blah blah.  Yeah…um…did I bury that last bone by the fence or did I move it under the deck?  I’d better go see….

Love and ear kisses,