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Dear Mom and Dad,

I’ve had a great weekend!  The weather has been great-foggy and cool just like I like it!  In fact, I’m feeling so good I’ve been chasing the youngsters around the yard and telling everyone to ”play nice!” and “behave” if I think the play is getting too crazy.

I’ve been eating all my food and J-Dog said you were nice enough to get me more in case I run out!  Thanks!  I wouldn’t want to go hungry!  J-Dog talked to a nice person down at Fin ‘n Feather who special ordered my night time treats for me.  Yum!  Wasn’t that nice?

Paddington and Elmer are here for a long vacation and that is great because I really like them.  They are very fun to play with or just hang out with.  That is Elmer in the picture with me.

I’m having a great time and I LOVE hanging with the other guests but I’m looking forward to seeing Dad next weekend.  I will be glad to see him and J-Dog tells me it won’t be too long until I can see you too Mom.

Missing you both.

Your vacation girl,