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Dear Mom and Dad,

I had the best day!  It started this morning when J-Dog and Camryn person sang “Happy Birthday” to me.  Then after an afternoon of hanging and playing in the yard with all my friends J-Dog had a wonderful barbeque party for me!  She grilled the steak you left for me rare just like I wanted!  She also made some chicken and all my friends shared the yummy food with me.

I’m having a great vacation!  Everyone here is really nice.  My favorite friend is Koko.  She will play with me and then we will take a nap together when we get tired.  There are two new guests that came this weekend, Aja and Maya.  They are very nice but they DO have a lot of energy!  J-Dog however makes sure they leave me alone when I’m taking a nap.

I have been very healthy-no limping or anything like that.  Although one day I DID twist my foot and I was limping around.  Oh it HURT so BAD!!!  J-Dog looked at it and massaged it and asked if it still hurt.  I said YES!!  Then we walked around the yard and it felt better.  In fact I forgot it hurt.  Hee.  I guess it wasn’t broken at all.  I did get some yummy liver treats for all the pain and suffering I went through.

Other than that life is good.  I DO miss you both but there is always something to do and someone to hang with.  I’ve made many friends here and I like nothing better than to sit with someone and just be buddies with them.

Oh boy it’s almost time for dinner!  Even though I had a lovely afternoon barbeque I am still looking forward to dinner.  In fact J-Dog saved some of the steak and chicken for dinner and even breakfast tomorrow!  What a great birthday!!!