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Hi to all my fans!

Well the review is in and I LOVE my first ever vacation!!!!  I’ve had so much fun and made so many new friends!

I was a little shy the first couple of hours but then I figured out that this place was OK!  I made friends with Fritzie, Gemma, Buster and Napoleon.  They are all very nice and everyone played with me while Scout made sure we didn’t get too rowdy!

It was so much FUN to run in and out all weekend.  I love playing outside!

Saturday night some people came over and played cards with J-Dog and Camryn person.  I was told (over and over again) that I was VERY cute!  I said “I know” which everyone thought  was funny.  I helped Camryn person play by sitting in her lap and telling her what cards to play.  We won !!  Ha, ha we smoked everybody!!

Today I am very tired and will play for a small bit then take a nap.  It is nice and sunny and I love being on the deck with all my friends and taking a quick power nap.

I have been eating all my food like my friends do.  We get really yummy food and if a small amount of tasty beef or duck fall into my bowl I try to eat it quickly so no one notices.  We also get treats before bedtime and when we are just hanging out together.

So…thank you everybody for letting me become an Indigodog!  I heard through the doggie grapevine that there are places where you are in a …(shudder) CAGE and there is NO lap cuddle time, no special treats, no card game, no quiet yard with grass, and NO playing with your friends until late at night.  Whew.  I’m really glad I’m on vacation here.



Aka Special Kay ‘cause I’m very special and sweet


indigodog kay