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Hi Mom!

I have an Indigodog name!!  It’s Daizy the Destructo Dog!  Isn’t it cool?  I’m having SO much fun!!  I’ve met some old friends and made some new ones.  When I got here I saw Willy (from Auntie Chris’) and he got this big grin on his face and started chasing me all over the yard!  Hee, hee!  We raced around really fast.  Then I met Xaluna (who was shy but nice), Teddy, and Coco.  Then I met  d'Artagnan (we call him “Dart”) and Nutmeg.  OH MY GOD they are just the MOST FUN!!!  We really clicked and we are best buddies!!!  We ran around the yard and I got all muddy and Dart got muddy but Nutmeg didn’t-go figure.  We got mud ALL OVER!!  Ha, ha!!!  Then I had to be rinsed off in the tub ‘cause I was BLACK!!  I look GREAT black!!!  Then when J-Dog was cleaning up Dart, Nutmeg and I played tug of war with a dog bed!!!  There was stuffing all over the house!!!  Then when J-Dog and Camryn person were outside with everyone else, Dart, Nutmeg and I went into Dart’s room and got mud all over everything THEN tore the fleece off his bed and played with it!   IT WAS SO FUN!!!  Whew!!!  
Anyway I get to go on an Indigodog Adventure tomorrow to the beach!!  Oh YEAH!! 

Hey guys-whatcha doing???  Let’s PLAY!!  It’s only 9:30pm we have lots of time before bed!!!  Ha!  I have the pink flamingo toy…bet ya can’t catch me Dart!!!  HEY NUTMEG?  Why are you snoozing in a corner?  Let’s PLAY!!  Oops…the flamingo’s legs just came off….hee.

Your girl,

Daizy Destructo Dog