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Hi Mom!

Oh boy is this place FUN!!  I’ve had the BEST TIME!  Yahoo!!!  Everyone is fun, fun, fun to play with and I run around with all my friends and play all day and all night!!  I wear out one friend and can move on to the next! 

So it was Christmas morning and Rascal was racing around the house screaming “It’s Christmas!!!  It’s Christmas!!!  Time for PRESENTS!!!!!!!”  We all ran into the living room and there were presents everywhere!!  It was so MUCH FUN!!!  We all ripped into the stuff and threw the wrapping paper all over the room!!  Kona showed me how to open stuff and it was MUCH FUN!!!  Then we played with all the new toys.  Then we had cookies and then went outside to play!!!

I think vacation is a lot of FUN!!  I miss you but I am having a great time!!



PS I have been a very good boy and I got all kinds of stuff from Santa Paws!!!