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Hi Mom!

I’m having the best time!  I’ve met many new friends, Daizy, Nutmeg, Gallagher, Ruben and Tanner.  I have been playing with everyone non-stop.  I love playing with both big guests and small ones.  J-Dog said I’m a perfect guest-I never get mad at anyone when I play with them, and I come when called, and I don’t destroy toys.  It wasn’t ME who got mud all over the house-that was Daizy.

I went on my Indigodog Excursion and had a great time!  We saw some really nice people (J-Dog said they were Forest Rangers) who said I was very handsome.  There are some pictures up of me playing with my new friends and on my walk.  By the way I was a very good boy on my walk and did not pull (too much) on the leash.  I also did perfect “sits” for treats.  J-dog said I was a very good boy.

After playing so much I’m really tired at night.  J-Dog has increased my food ¼ cup AM/PM since she thought I was getting skinny from all the romping and running I’m doing.  I AM doing a lot of playing and racing around the yard with my friends! 

Well it’s another beautiful day and I’m done sitting in front of a computer.  It’s time to PLAY!!!!


aka “Dart”