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indigodogs cricket, marli & sadie

Hi Mom!

Here is a picture of me with my Indigodog  buddies Marli and Sadie.  I’ve had so much fun playing with everyone!  I LOVE this place-I get to run around the yard all day and play and romp until really late.  It stays light until 9pm so Sadie, Marli, Mattie and I are running in and out of the house and going non-stop until bedtime.

I had a great Indigodog Excursion the other day-it was GREAT!!  I was very good and walked like a very good girl.  I loved smelling all the great smells!  I’m very lucky because unless it’s raining on Thursday I get to go on another one then!  I can’t wait!

My bed is set up under the desk and sometimes I sleep on my bed but other times I sleep on the other beds laying around.. J-Dog said I’m very cute as I finally crash and lay sleeping with my back legs stretched behind me.

I’m being very good and play well with all my new friends and mostly come when I’m called.  I think my diet is working-with all the playing I’m doing I think I look trimmer than ever!
Sigh.  Thank you, thank you for letting me vacation here!  I’m having so much FUN!!!