Cricket's Blog


Hi!  It’s me Cricket!!!

I’ve had such a blast!!!  I made friends with this super fun guest Mollie who was just great!  She and I played and played!!  We would wrestle and chase each other through the house really fast!  Ha, ha oh the fun we had!!  When it came time for her to go home I toyed with the idea of going home with her but J-Dog said “Cricket what about your people?” and I said “OH!!!!” so I decided to stay.

Then Cooper came over to play and he had lots of energy and he was lots of fun!!!  Tricksy is here also and she will play with me too!  Toby played with me but now he is taking a nap so I’m hoping when he wakes up we can play some more!!!

I really love making new friends and J-Dog said I’m a very sweet girl ‘cause I get along with everyone.

Oh boy!  I need to go bark at the fence!!  Can you BELIEVE there is a dog walking by?  It’s my job to say “Hey!!!”  Of course, then I ask them if they want to come and stay at this fabulous place!  I mean why wouldn’t they?  There’s always stuff going on and new friends to make!  It makes ya not want to have your vacation end! (So if you need to take a couple of more days before you come get me…)  Hee!