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Hi Moms!

It’s me Bob.  I’m having a great time.  I’m hang’n with my peeps and …hee, hee my romantic friends.  Everyone here thinks I’m sexy.  I’m “Mr. Sauvé”.  J-Dog saw how I was working all the other guests so she said I could have this cool Chinese smoking jacket that she got on her vacation at Disney World.  Don’t I look debonair and sophisticated? 

I am having a great time.  I can do no wrong ‘cause I’m ME!  Seriously, if I’m being a little to…shall we say “pushy” (I call it determined) with the other guests all I have to do after J-Dog says “No, Bob!” is crawl up on her lap and do my cute “head tuck under her chin” move.  Hee, hee.  She and Camryn person turn into a pile of MUSH!  I’m also working on my cute “hair over my one eye look” which is guaranteed to get me out of trouble.

Hey-there are a lot of cool chewy toys here.  I think my selection at home is lacking so we need to talk about my toy selection when you get home.  J-Dog will give you a list of all the toys that have the “Bob stamp of approval” on them.  Then you need to get them.

I HOPE you are planning on getting me a nice vacation gift.  Jeesh, J-Dog got me this smoking jacket so the LEAST you can do is get me something cool. Just remember it’s ME Bob so whatever you get me better be cool enough to get MY endorsement.


Your good looking boy,