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I have had the BEST Thanksgiving!  When we got up this morning I was kinda confused ‘cause Scout was going around to everyone and asking “white or dark?”.  I was like white or dark what?? Scout said “turkey” and I was like … “um…turkey …um…”.  But then Beepie who has been here for Thanksgiving before pulled me aside and said, “Dude!  You’re going to LOVE this!” and explained Turkey Day to me.

It sounded too good to be true…Yummy turkey, yams and pumpkin pie.  But soon the whole house smelled of yummy turkey.  Since it was sunny out J-Dog said we should all go outside and play before it rains.  So we all ran outside and played ball and tag.  It was so much fun!!!   My best buddies are Moe and Lola.  They are both so cool and we play really hard then crash together.

Anyway, soon it was time for afternoon appetizers in the yard.  Yum!!  Scout said the turkey was almost done but since the rain was coming we were going to eat inside.  Fine by me!!!

So then it was time to eat!  I helped myself to a HUGE piece of turkey.  I guess I was supposed to wait for J-Dog to dish it up but nobody told me!!  It IS after all my first Thanksgiving-how was I supposed to know?  Anyway I also had some carrots (yummy) that were made with the turkey so they were all good tasting and then I had some yams.  Yum!!!

J-Dog said I can have my pumpkin pie later tonight after my Thanksgiving dinner digests. 

I have decided I LOVE Thanksgiving!!!   I think we should have turkey every day.  Yep. YUM!!!